Tiny Rebel Games is based in South Wales and

was founded by Lee Cummings and Susan Cummings


Lee and I have worked side by side for over 20 years in game development and publishing. The last 13 of those years we

have simply been making the games we want to make and

having an incredible time doing it.

Recently we were awarded a major UK grant for Augmented Reality storytelling which caused the expansion of our studio and has put us in the tremendous position of experimenting with the latest technology alongside amazing partners. This allowed our 2 person partnership to grow to a 5 person company. We also had an investment in 2019 by 1UP Ventures, which is led by industry icon Ed Fries, founder of the Xbox and trusted friend for many years. 

Together we conceived of, co-developed, and published two award-winning Doctor Who games -- Doctor Who: Legacy and Doctor Who Infinity. We also 
we publish and developed Tiny Rebel Beer Money Inc. in collaboration with Tiny Rebel Brewery.

Avid gamers and entrepreneurs we bring nearly two decades of experience in game design, production, and publishing. Susan was one of the principal founders of 2K Games and built their product portfolio from the ground up, including signing Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, X-Com, SpecOps and building the foundation of 2K Sports. Lee was a producer at Rockstar Games where he was integral to the design and production of Grand Theft Auto and Bully. 

The Tiny Rebel Games team has a combined 40 years of experience

creating blockbuster console, PC and mobile games in the areas of

production, design, marketing, social media, PR, and distribution.  

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Tiny Rebel Brewery

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