The Trickster Brigade Invades Doctor Who: Legacy



During the Trickster Event, which ran for approximately 6 weeks, the Trickster and his Brigade used the chaos created by The Master to grow their influence over the world of Doctor Who: Legacy. 


Each week during the Trickster Event, a new member of the Trickster Event team, was rewarded tfor free, as a guaranteed drop!  The team is comprised of:  The Tenth Doctor (in his 3D glasses of course), Sarah Jane, Peri, Saibra, a Zygon, and the TARDIS.


Starting on March 13th, players were able to play through the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE levels, in their entirety and in order.  This unlocks the introduction level for the Trickster in Legacy.


For players who don't wish to wait to collect and then upgrade their new Trickster team, we are offering the opportunity to gain early access to a full RANK 6 Trickster team in the premium area.  To do this, you'll want to unlock the Trickster Event Character Pack in the premium area for USD $3.99.  Please note, this is an optional purchase -- you will be able to collect the full team entirely for free during the Event.  



In these levels, two new types of fragments will drop.  


The first type of new fragment is called Fragment of the Future.  This lets you add one stat point to any ally.  These will drop in any Trickster altered level outside of story levels.


The second type of new fragment is called Fragment of the Past.  You'll need to collect 5 of these to equal one Fragment of the Future.  These drop in story mode altered Trickster levels.

Peri_SP_s (1)