How to Support Doctor Who: Legacy

The Doctor Who: Legacy team takes great pride in having been called "one of the very best examples of free -to-play" by Kotaku.  From the beginning we have made a concerted effort to distance ourselves from the much maligned baggage of free to play gaming experiences -- energy meters, pay walls, pay to win, spamming requirements, etc.  We made a game that we -- as Whovians and as experienced game designers and game players -- would want to play.  That if we made a game like this, our players would want to support us.  


And we are very grateful for such a wonderful fan base, many of whom have played Doctor Who: Legacy since we launched in November of 2013.


Many of you ask us how you can help us support the game and keep it running and growing for years to come -- a game which launched as a mere 20 hours of gameplay and now, with the launch of 3.0, will be well over 100 hours of gameplay, most of which is still free to everyone.


Well here is the exhaustive list of how you can help!


  • Rate us on the stores:  You cannot imagine how helpful this is where it comes to being considered or featuring.  And please, if you have a support ticket, email us at support instead of posting something negative and/or lowering our rating.  Give us a chance to help you!  


  • Unlock the Fan Area:  We are committed to keeping Legacy a wonderful experience regardless of whether you have spent any money.  And we know free-to-play games have a terrible reputation for being money pits.  But one simple purchase of at least 6 time crystals goes an incredibly long way to paying for the (very significant) ongoing costs of making the game.  It pays the actors too, who have granted their rights.  And the Fan Area is full of awesome rewards to thank you for your support -- exclusie characters, costumes, levels, and more!


  • If you have unlocked the Fan Area, in-game advertisements (which we recently added to the game) is turned off -- you do have the option to toggle it back on in options.  Watching these ads and clicking through is a great source of revenue to our team.


  • 3.0 brings the launch of two new optional side unlockable areas for players as another way to financially support the game and be rewarded with some amazing new things:



  • Sonic Adventures ($9.99 USD) rewards you with a brand new Sonic Adventures team consisting of a new Sonic First Doctor, Sonic Signet Ring, Sonic Jo Grant, Sonic Mickey Smith, Sonic River Song, and Sonic Jack Harkness.  This is a well balanced, 5 Star ranked team -- meaning that even new players have the opportunity to experience the new content, with a team designed by us.  You can of course, swap in other characters.  30 new levels with new gameplay mechanics like Cracks in Time and Bombs.  Play through and collect all the sonic devices from the 51 years of Doctor Who, all which drop on first successful completion of the level.


  • Doctor Who Kids ($4.99 USD) is inspired by Anna's Playground which is currently in the Fan Area and was created for the daughter of one of our longtime players.  Doctor Who Kids is now an unlockable area from the main menu.  It has a fun, unique art style created by BBC Worldwide.  The Kids area allows children a simplified experience of the game with no team creation, easier enemies and it will be updated over time like the game’s Fan Area .  While adventuring in the kids area they will collect a series of costumes in the new art style for their parents as they complete the levels!