Doctor Who: Legacy 3.0 added an additional 30 level side-story arc, entitled the Sonic Adventures.  


The "Sonic Adventures" story arc is led by a new Sonic version of the First Doctor and includes new  “sonic” versions of beloved allies Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, River Song, and the introduction of the classic Third Doctor companion, Jo Grant.  The Sonic Adventures will find players unlocking a full team of new Sonic Adventure characters (all Rank 5 and usable throughout the game, not just in Sonic Adventures!) and utilizing them to collect a long list of sonic devices and gadgets from over the years of Doctor Who.  The team is awarded after completion of the first paid level and is a great perk for newer players who will find the team useful outside of the Sonic Adventures too for many of the harder levels and even some of the expert levels!


The USD $9.99 unlock grants players access to 30 new levels and over 20 guaranteed reward characters including sonic screwdrivers, sonic lipstick, sonic cane, and more.

















2nd Doctor, Mk 1 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Never Fails)

3rd Doctor, Mk 2 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Funny Gadget)

3rd Doctor, Mk 3 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Old Friends)

4th Doctor, Mk 3 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Sonic Lance)

5th Doctor, Mk 3 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Unscrew the Hinges)

7th Doctor, Mk 4 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Careful)

8th Doctor, Mk 4 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Worth Its Weight)

9th Doctor, Mk 5 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Totally Sonic)

10th Doctor, Mk 5 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Setting 85)

11th Doctor, Mk 6 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Overload Technology)

11th Doctor, Mk 7 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Psychic Interface)

12th Doctor, Mk 7 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Setting 41)

War Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (ability = The Right Tool)

Jack Harkness Sonic Blaster (ability = Villengard Special)

River Song Sonic Blaster (ability = Squareness!)

Romana's Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Ingenuity)

River Song's Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Neural Relay)

The Girl Who Waited Sonic Screwdriver (abliity = Sonic Probe)

11th Doctor Sonic Cane (ability = Back-up Plan)

Sarah Jane's Sonic Lipstick (ability = Sonic Disruption)



These new ally slot gadgets will include new abilities such as:  


Disarm Bomb Gems, Grab Selected Color (to remove from the board), Grab Selected Row or Column (to remove from the board), Change one targeted color to another chosen color, Remove Sap from Selected Gem Color.







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