The Silent Streets Reviewed!

“The Silent Streets of Barry Island” is one refreshing story that will really make you in the mood to listen to some 60s rock n’ roll! It was really entertaining, with a great atmosphere, but let’s face it, the ending is simply a mind blower!

Third ‘Doctor Who Infinity’ Episode Revealed

Tiny Rebel is also working closely with the actors from the show, and the goal is to have a very authentic Doctor Who gaming experience for fans. That original announcement detailed the first episode, titled The Dalek Invasion of Time, and back in May the second episode was detailed, titled The Orphans of the Polyoptra. Now Tiny Rebel has revealed the third episode and it’s called The Lady of the Lake...

Doctor Who Infinity: Tenth Doctor to feature in third episode!

Scott Handcock is the writer for the episode. Once again, like with the announcements for the other two episodes, this is very promising news. The writers for the first two episodes, George Mann and Gary Russell, are both veteran Doctor Who writers.

Scott Handcock is no exception. It isn’t just the fact that is he a very strong writer. He’s also worked on a variety of Doctor Who audios and spin-off series as both a producer and director.

Once again, we’ve got another writer who knows their Doctor Who inside and out. So we can be confidant that he’ll do a great job capturing the era of the Tenth Doctor and Rose.

Doctor Who Infinity - Third story and launch details announced

The Lady of the Lake is written by Scott Handcock, who has previously written a number of Doctor Who audio dramas and short stories. The art is drawn by Neil Edwards (Doctor Who, Marvel, DC) and coloured by John-Paul Bove (Doctor Who, G.I. Joe, Transformers) and Dylan Teague (Doctor Who Magazine, DC).

The story will be narrated by critically acclaimed and award winning actor Celyn Jones (Set Fire To The Stars, Submergence) as the character Geraint. Other voiceovers include Katy Manning as Delyth and Marilyn Le Conte as the eponymous Lady of the Lake.

Doctor Who Infinity 3rd Story Revealed

Doctor Who Infinity, at least from a narrative perspective, is packing a lot of creative and acting pedigree, with many people responsible for creating the iconic BBC show throwing their hats in the ring. It’ll be releasing on Steam this August (with mobile releases next Summer), available in different bundles depending on which story you want – it almost feels like the Pinball FX of Doctor Who adventure games, with you purchasing the episodes you want if and when you want them.

Doctor Who Infinity Will Also Include the Tenth Doctor

Doctor Who Infinity continues this long tradition, with Tiny Rebel Games bringing in creators who worked on Doctor Who in other mediums to develop the game. The Lady of the Lake, for instance, features a story by popular Doctor Who writer Scott Handcock, with artwork by Neil Edwards and color art by John-Paul Bove and Dylan Teague - all three of whom are experienced artists, who have previously worked on the Doctor Who comics.

How Doctor Who Infinity's developers borrowed a production model from its TV inspiration

Games get made in a lot of different ways, but the vast majority fall into a handful of easily identifiable camps. Triple-A games have huge organised studios toiling on big franchises, indies are often made by small tight-knit teams – friends even – while big mobile publishers prefer numerous internal teams rapidly iterating ideas. All good approaches, but all very familiar.

Lee and Susan Cummings have their fair share of experience in games production, having worked on some of the biggest franchises, most notably for 2K and Rockstar. Over the last five years they had big success with Doctor Who: Legacy, a free-to-play mobile title from their studio Tiny Rebel Games, which is based in Newport in South Wales.


But with their latest title, the episodic, narrative-driven, puzzle title, Doctor Who Infinity, they’ve taken an intriguing new path in terms of staffing and production – one that borrows from the model that created the TV show itself.

Games get made in a lot of different ways, but the vast majority fall into a handful of easily identifiable camps. Triple-A games have huge organised studios toiling on big franchises, indies are often made by small tight-knit teams – friends even – while big mobile publishers prefer numerous internal teams rapidly iterating ideas. All good approaches, but all very familiar.

A Sneak Preview of Doctor Who Infinity

Following the success of Doctor Who Legacy, Tiny Rebel Games are releasing a new game this spring: Doctor Who Infinity. We were recently invited to see the game in action and boy were we excited by what we saw.

Doctor Who Infinity preview: Tiny Rebel's new puzzle RPG featuring Michelle Gomez and Katy Manning

The gameplay for Doctor Who: Infinity shares some common themes from Tiny Rebel's previous dalliance with the franchise. But unlike 2013's Doctor Who: Legacy, it's a more considered gaming entry, with a greater focus on story and freeing users from time limited moves to be more strategic as they progress.

Infinite Variety---

Perhaps the most exciting thing about everything we’ve learned about Doctor Who Infinity so far is the variety. If you’re a fan of the Classic Series, then knowing that the Third Doctor will be featuring in this series must be exciting to hear. (Especially for this writer, who was raised on repeats of Jon Pertwee episodes.)

An intriguing lineup...

Just to get even cooler, in today's press release we learnt that the story would be narrated by Katy Manning, who revises her role as Jo Grant from the TV series, as well as voicing the enemy. The ever-talented David Roach, Gary Russell, and Dylan Teague are also on board, so we know the quality will be high.

"There's a horrible stigma around match-three games and we're trying to fix that"

"In Dungeons and Dragons, no-one questions why we still use dice after all these years; it just works. Somehow you roll a dice and assume there's an orc across the room and that's okay and it works within the language of Dungeons and Dragons. Our theory is that it's the same with gem matching. On PC, it hasn't traditionally been that big a thing - some people have done it like Marvel Puzzle Quest. There's a horrible stigma around match-three games and we're trying to fix that. We do think it's a really accessible mechanic. We know the Doctor Who audience really well coming off of Doctor Who Legacy and know that a lot of these people don't play games."

Doctor Who Infinity’s ‘The Dalek Invasion of Time’ and ‘The Orphans of the Polyoptra’ posters and trailers revealed

Last year it was announced that Tiny Rebel Games is set to bring Doctor Who to PC and mobile devices with the story-based puzzle adventure series Doctor Who Infinity, and now we have posters and trailers for the first two episodes, ‘The Dalek Invasion of Time’ and ‘The Orphans of the Polyoptra’.

How the next Doctor Who game attempts to rewrite the rules of match-three puzzle games

Based on this early look, Doctor Who Infinity could go to some interesting places in its attempt to bridge story and mechanics. Even divorced from the story - which is penned by seasoned Doctor Who writers in conjunction with the team - seeing puzzles that change win conditions, or how its components behave, is an intriguing premise.

Doctor Who Infinity Walkthrough!

Shacknews interview at GDC 2018 with Susan Cummings of Tiny Rebel Games,showing off a gameplay overview.  Note: some story spoilers!

"The inimitable Peter Capaldi may have taken his last turn as the doctor, but the tales of his exploits live on through Doctor Who Infinity. The game tells its story through comic book style cutscenes that feature actors from the show, headlined by Michelle Gomez as Missy for this first story. Capaldi isn't a part of the initial project, though his lines are humorously filled in by Missy, though the game does feature a new central villain played by Bella Ramsey (Game of Throne's diminutive standout Lyanna Mormont)."s attention...

Tiny Rebel Games discuss details of Doctor Who: Infinity

Doctor Who fans world wide have been eagerly anticipating Tiny Rebel Games' brand new Who themed puzzle game, Doctor Who: Infinity. After the success of their previous game, Doctor Who: Legacy, and the release of their trailer for The Dalek Invasion of Time, the excitement is only growing as the release date closes in.

This new gem puzzle style game is quite a bit different from Doctor Who: Legacy in its complexity as well as being more story orientated. The puzzle strategies change as the game progresses and have very chess like qualities. Each story is drawn by a different artist, narrated by a different actor and written by a different author. Tons of former Doctor Who writers, actors and comic artists have participated in bringing this engaging and fantastical game to life.

Doctor Who game made by Newport designers Tiny Rebel Games wins award

A DOCTOR Who video game made by a Newport company has won a prestigious award - despite not even being released until next month.

Doctor Who Infinity, created by Tiny Rebel Games, was named UK Game of Show at last month's Games Development Conference in San Francisco.

The game allows players to play through a series of brand new stories in the Doctor Who universe, featuring a number of Doctors and other characters. Among actors from the programme who have leant their voices to the game are Michelle Gomez, playing Missy, and Ingrid Oliver, playing Osgood.

"Four years on from its popular Legacy predecessor, Doctor Who Infinity is officially returning to PC and mobile this spring with five different episodes, each featuring a story that's been crafted as a collaboration between Tiny Rebel Games and famous Doctor Who writers, artists and actors."

"Just as Doctor Who: Legacy had an episodic nature, so too does Doctor Who Infinity. Expect exciting, comic-book style game adventures, and an amazing 5 episodes unfolding throughout 2018."

"I got a firsthand look at Doctor Who Infinity at GDC 2018, and even as a casual fan of the show, it's easy to see the title's appeal. The game tells the story of the heroic Doctor, his steadfast sidekick Bill, his occasional nemesis Missy, a conflicted new villain named Freya and a whole host of exterminating Daleks, as they cross paths in dangerous, unexpected and exciting ways."

Check out this first look in game at upcoming Doctor Who Infinity with Gotgame!

A new Doctor Who puzzle game is coming to PC and mobiles

If you’re already stressed about the long, long wait until the next full series of Doctor Who (rumoured to not come on air until around this time next year), then we may have something to ease the pain – because it’s been revealed that a brand-new Doctor Who PC and mobile game called Doctor Who Infinity is to be released next Spring.e released next Spring.e Items.

Welsh Government provides funding for new Doctor Who game series

A new Doctor Who game arrives early next year, with funding support from the Welsh Government..

"This is really our chance to truly push storytelling within the confines of the mechanics of a gem game. Our chance to test the theory that the gem mechanics we used in Legacy can be used a tremendous number of ways - not unlike dice rolling is to D&D.  It's a tactile mechanic we feel we can use to resolve any sort of conflict given the right framing."

Doctor Who Infinity game will launch on PC and mobiles in 2018 beginning with 'The Dalek Invasion of Time'

Whovians were already excited for 2018, what with the introduction of Jodie Whittaker and all, but now there's a new Doctor Who game to look forward to too.

Four years on from its popular Legacy predecessor, Doctor Who Infinity is officially returning to PC and mobile in Spring 2018.

Doctor Who is Getting An Episodic Story Game

Doctor Who is getting an episodic story game titled Doctor Who Infinity and is set to be released worldwide in the spring of 2018. It is being developed in close collaboration with Seed Studio along with a broad team of UK-based talent including well-known Doctor Who actors, writers, and artists.

The Twelfth Doctor and Missy To Return In 2018 With An All New 'Doctor Who' Video Game

With the success of Doctor Who triggering thrilling audio stories, and now video games, it's been made clear that there's a lot more tales to be told in the wonderful world of Doctor Who, even if it isn't through a new television season.

Doctor Who: Infinity is set for launch sometime in the Spring with a date yet to be confirmed.

'Doctor Who Infinity' Coming to Mobile Next Spring

I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, so any time I hear about a Doctor Who game coming our way, my ears perk up. Well, today is one of those days. Tiny Rebel Games has just announced that a new game called Doctor Who Infinity is coming to mobile (and PC) Spring 2018, although it's going to soft launch earlier than that. The game is developed in close collaboration with Doctor Who actors, writers, and artists, although "close collaboration" can mean many different things. They do seem to be taking the game seriously, though, and trying to stay true to the franchise. And they better, because Whovians are not to be messed with.

Tiny Rebel Games scores funding from Welsh government and Double Eleven for new Doctor Who game

"I am continually humbled by the quality of work they are doing, and I think Doctor Who fans everywhere are going to be amazed with how we have taken everything we have learned from making the award-winning gameplay of Doctor Who: Legacy and brought it to the next level in every way imaginable."

We spoke with Tiny Rebel back in 2014 about the development of Doctor Who: Legacy. Cummings said at the time that, in terms of IPs the team wanted to work with, "Doctor Who was at the top of our list."

Doctor Who Infinity Revealed By Tiny Rebel Games

As you likely know by now, we’re big fans of Doctor Who here on Following The Nerd. We review the shows, read the comics, meet the Doctors when possible, and of course, play video games associated with the show. Over the past couple years, we’ve talked to the team behind an amazing game called Doctor Who Legacy. The team, Tiny Rebel Games, are by far some of the biggest DW fans on the planet. So much so…that they’re making a new game set in the universe. Doctor Who Infinity.

Help Save the World in New Game ‘Doctor Who: Infinity’

Tiny Rebel Games is back with another Doctor Who-themed gem-matching puzzler.

Expected for release in spring 2018, “Doctor Who: Infinity” features five original tales from a team of seasoned Whovian writers and comic book artists.

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