Less Frequently Asked Questions.

Below you find less frequently asked questions which fans of the game may find interesting, or provide insight into some of the decisions made during the development of the game. 



1) Why design a game like this?


When we started talking about the possibility of doing a Doctor Who game we wanted to do something very different from what came before. We decided that the only way to build a game which was worthy of being released during the 50th anniversary of the show was to design a game which would allow fans to interact with not just a multitude of Doctors, companions and allies, but pit them against the Doctor's most cunning and dangerous enemies within the context of episodes of the show. We decided that the only way to accomplish that sort of goal was within the context of a puzzle game.




2) How did you pick the seasons and episodes to include?


We decided very early on that we wanted the start with the Doctor's most recent adventures and go backwards from there. As we started building out seasons 7 and 6 (the most recent two) it became clear that they would provide a huge amount of content for the game to include at launch (around 25 - 30 hours for the average gamer). 


For the choice of episodes, our vision for the game works best when there are multiple enemies confronting the Doctor, so episodes based around a single creature were passed over in favor of other episodes which include more enemies. However, we fully intend to return to episodes which were previously passed over and add them at a later date.




3) Where is the energy bar?


In Doctor Who: Legacy there is no "energy bar" (a bar which restricts how much you can play before it has to recharge / you have to pay to refill it). We decided that we wanted nothing more than fans to be able to play the game whenever they wanted, for as long as they wanted, without penalty, so we didn't build one.




4) What is my public player ID? (options screen)


This is a non-personal, non-device specific Player ID that is given to you when you first run the game.  It can be seen by tapping "OPTIONS" from the sliding menu and tapping the "App Info" tab.

**NOTE** It is a good idea to take a screenshot of your Public Player ID and save the image file.




5) What is my secret key? (options screen)


Since your Public Player Id is anonymous and does not contain personally identifiable information, a "Secret Key" is generated that allows our support to verify who you are.  To ensure security to your account you must make sure never to reveal this Secret Key.

**NOTE** it is a good idea to take a screenshot of your SECRET KEY and save the image file in a secure manner.




6) I have a question I would like answered here!

Email us at support@tinyrebelgames.com!