New Player Guide

Are you new to Doctor Who: Legacy?  WELCOME to the game and to our beloved player community :)


We recognize that as a new player, you likely have lots of questions and while we have tried to jam the tutorial full with everything you might need to know, sometimes you still have questions.  We designed Legacy to be accessible to gamers of all levels of experience and even those who have never touched a mobile game before!


Over the last few months we've had time to witness the stumbling blocks of the new player and we hope this guide will be of help to you as you journey through the rapidly growing series of levels!


Detachable Gems


One thing new players frequently don't take advantage of straight away is the fact that this is most definitely NOT Bewelled or Candy Crush.  That gem you are holding can be moved as much as you want until the timer runs out.  That means you can make multiple combinations in one round if you use your time wisely!  Check out this video for a nice intro to moving gems.


Leveling and Ranking Up Your Allies


As you play through levels of the game, your allies will gain experience.  Periodically, that experience gain results in 'leveling up'.  When you level up, you will earn stat points which should be spent on either hit points, attack, or healing. Hit points means you gain more health, so you're harder to defeat.  Attack makes you hit harder.  Healing gives you additional benefit from matching pink gems.


Eventually, you will max out your ability to gain experience for an ally.  At this point, they are ready to 'Rank Up' to the next Star Rank.  Allies start at 1 Star and can currently rank up to 4 Stars (in the upcoming 2.2 update this will raise to 5 Stars!).  To rank up, you need to collect the correct colored fragments from levels.  There are currently 6 types of fragments which drop and some combination of them are required to level up each Ally.  You need to have maximum experience for your current rank AND the correct fragments to Rank Up (or choose to spend time crystals as an Instant Upgrade).


If you find yourself struggling with a level, it may be because you haven't spent your ally stat points and/or you haven't evolved your allies to the appropriate rank for the level you are playing!  In season 7, by the time you reach Solomon's Robots for example, you'll want your allies to be evolved to Rank 2.  You can always go back and replay earlier levels for experience and to collect fragments.


Spending Stat Points


Most allies are preset to be either a Tank (hit point focused), Damage Dealer (attack focused), or Healer (health focused), though some are Hybrids, with a balance of the 3 stats.  It is typically most efficient to spend your points where they are already emphasized at the start.  Also, a team comprised of a balance of Tanks, Damage Dealers, and Healers can be most efficient particularly for a beginner player.




Doctor Who: Legacy launched the Perks System in version 2.0 which is a wonderful way to customize your team and to emphasize their strengths and or compensate for their weaknesses.


Fan Area


We cover this pretty extensively in Fan Area.  This is the only area of the game that you can only unlock after you make one small purchase.  Please keep in mind that Doctor Who: Legacy isn't your typical free to play mobile game.  We release new content continually and have no plans to stop any time soon.  But the only way we can do that is if our players support the game.  As a big thank you for your first purchase of at least 6 time crystals, we unlock a special reward area for you.  In here you will find loads of exclusive allies which always drop the first time you finish the relevant level, you'll find an exclusive expert level for Ianto+, you'll find exclusive costumes, and you'll find time crystals.  And you get the satisfaction of knowing you are one of those people who are directly supporting the ongoing development of Doctor Who: Legacy!  Also, unlocking the Fan Area means you'll never need to see in game advertising, which we recently added as another way of supporting the game.  Those who unlock the Fan Area also have a toggle in the options menu to turn advertising off and on.


Season 8

Looking for the new Season 8 content?  Head over to the Specials tab where you will find 3 levels of difficulty:


Easy:  Balanced against end of Season 7 content (teams around level 20)

Medium:  Balanced against end of Season 6 content (teams around level 30)

Hard:  Balanced against end of Season 5 content (teams around level 40)


More questions?  The fan run Doctor Who: Legacy Wikia is an excellent place to head for more in depth game information including guides to all of the allies which you can collect, and their abilities.  Check out some of the other guides and the brilliant Adipose videos on our Guides page.   And join the growing community, we want to hear from you!