Many of you are already familiar with Anna's Playground, in the Fan Area, which was designed for the young daughter of one of our players.  He rightly pointed out to us that the game can be very complex for a young child but there are many young Whovians out there who enjoy watching their parents play and try to play themselves.  













Like Anna's Playground, the levels are simplified with enemies who won't be able to hurt your team very much, making it impossible to fail the levels.  These twenty-five levels are pure 'intro to the game' fun and you wont even have to set up your team!  Your team is story-driven and designed by us to unlock and change as required for the levels.  You won't be able to use these custom allies and Doctors outside of the Kids area, nor will they gain experience or level up -- but you will find costumes of all of them as guaranteed drops, usable for the characters in the main game!  The art style is fun and cartoon-like, designed by our partner, BBC Worldwide.


In addition to the costumes which drop here, we also recently added time fragments -- so not only can you or your kids play these fun easy levels for great costumes, you can also use them to farm those precious time fragments for leveling up your allies!