In Game Advertising

Greetings from the Doctor Who: Legacy team!


It has been incredibly fun to create and support Doctor Who: Legacy over the 2+ years that we have building and running this game!  We are very grateful for the love and support that has grown around the game and the amazing sense of community it has inspired.


We have earned a reputation as an exceedingly moralfree-to-download game by making the game entirely playable from beginning to end of the core story (and most of the extra content, other than the Fan Area) without the need to spend money.  There are no energy meters, no levels designed to make you fail and spend money to progress, and up until now there hasn’t even been any advertising.  We are exceedingly grateful to the less than 10% of our players who have unlocked the Fan Area by making a small purchase of a handful of time crystals (USD 4.99).  It is this support which has allowed us to grow the game and hit some remarkable achievements.


  •  The game is pushing towards 2 million downloads now on most mobile platforms and Facebook.


  •  The game has grown from 20 hours of game play to over 60 hours of game play for the average        player. 


  • The game has gone from merely the 2 more recent Doctors at the time (Tenth and Eleventh) to incorporating each and every Doctor from the television series beginning with the late William Hartnell as the First and including the now current Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi.


  •  The game has grown from a few dozen allies to over 130.


  •  The game has grown beyond the core Doctor Who content to include extended universe characters and story from Titan Comics, Big Finish, BBC Books (Engines of War) and also a new side story arc with Bigger on the Inside













All of this while staying close to and true to our fans – answering our support tickets personally, offering a live Twitch chat every week to talk to us, regularly engaging with our community on Facebook, Twitter, and our forums. 


90%+ of our players have never and might never spend money to support the game – and we know that frequently this is because they simply cannot afford to spend money on games.  And we understand that and have no plans to change our freemium strategy by requiring it.  However, we have made the decision to begin to offer limited advertising in game, for those who have not (for whatever reason it may be) spent money to unlock the Fan Area.  We have gone to great lengths to make the advertising as unobtrusive as possible - ads will only appear over top of the level select screen, as far away from disrupting the gameplay experience as possible.  


Please note that on April 7th (tuesday) night, we will begin to offer advertising, first only on Google Play as we are being cautious about any technical glitches and it is very easy for us to fix and release new builds to Google Play customers.  We expect that ads will roll out on the other platforms in the following couple of weeks.


It is the intention that anyone unlocking the Fan Area will never have to see ads—though some of our most hard core fans have asked for the ability to ‘opt in’ to ads as another way of supporting the game’s ongoing costs, and for that we are stunned and grateful.  And we are putting that option in for those who requested.   For the infrequent case of a player who has unlocked the Fan Area and still ends up seeing an advertisement, we have put in a very simple and quick fix and you will just need to contact customer support to correct.


We hope that you will continue with us for years to come on the Doctor Who: Legacy adventures and that you will support us in whatever way you can – by unlocking the Fan Area, by rating us on the app stores, by telling your friends – or by watching an occasional ad.  Know that we are, and continue to be, the loving caretakers of YOUR game.


-        The Doctor Who: Legacy team