The teams behind the award-winning, officially licensed, Doctor Who: Legacy game -- now in its 3rd year with over 2 million installs -- continues to push the envelope on what is possible for free to play mobile live support with the launch of the Director's Cut edition of Husbands of River Song.


Our player community voted and we listened -- they loved the Christmas special so much that they wanted us to more fully recreate it in game!  Last night, February 16th, we launched a 10 level premium pack which adds new costumes, new allies, new enemies, new backgrounds to the game.  Join the Twelfth Doctor on his bittersweet final date with River Song.  




















Featuring a 10 level retelling of the episode, players will collect new allies, costumes, Strands of Time, and even 2 time crystals upon completion!


"Doctor Song to You" level (100% drop "12th Doctor with Reindeer Antlers" costume and "River Song in cape" costume.  Also 100% drop River Song ally and Twelfth Doctor for those who have not obtained prior)

"King Hydroflax" level(100% drop "Nardole" ally)

"Warrior Monks!" level (100% drop "River Song Spy" costume)

"Headless" level (100% drop "Sonic Trowel" ally)

"Outside the saucer" level

"Ramone" level

"Inside the TARDIS" level (100% drop "Ramone")

"Harmony and Redemption" level (100% drop "River Song in dress on Spaceship restaurant" costume)

"Collapse" level (100% drop "River Song singing tower dress", "Hydroflax with Ramone Head" and "Hydroflax with Nardole Head")

"Singing Towers" level (100% drop 2 crystal only one time, and there's no fight, this is a story level only.)




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2015_Christmas_-_River_Song_costume_3_s (1)
Doctor_with_Reindeer_Antlers_s_(2)_(1) (1)
Nardole_s (2)
2015_Christmas_-_River_Song_costume_2_s (3)
12th_in_Velvet_Coat_s_(3) (2)
Ramone_s_(1)_(1) (1)
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