Need Help?

Need help with an aspect of the game? We have you covered:



1) Check our Knowedge Base. The Doctor Who: Legacy knowledge base contains lots of information on various aspects of the game, from advice on making your teams stronger, to cloud saving information and much more.  



2) Our amazing community constantly creates guides which cover all sorts of aspects of the game, you can check out some of them over here. 



3) If the question is about general gameplay mechanics or selecting the right members for a team, you may want to ask some of the experts in our community - check out our sub-reddit, Facebook page or ask a question on Twitter.



4) Are you new to the universe of Doctor Who and want information on other aspects of this AMAZING series? We have a page for that right over here.



5) Still can't find the information you need? Then drop our support address an email! You can email, or click here for a web form.