Doctor Who: Legacy isn't your typical mobile game.  We add new content constantly and don't want to stop any time soon.  But that means we need player support!  We wanted to create an area of the game where users who support the game through the purchase of additional Time Crystals could find some extra levels and goodies. New content will be added and removed from this area over time with fan exclusive characters and levels (including beta versions of levels we're working on), and more.   Currently, the fan area includes a guaranteed ally drops of select characters, a free 11th Doctor outfit, a 10th Doctor Outfit, and time crystal / time fragment drops. All of these are easily collected by playing the exclusive levels found in the fan area.


Current highlights of the Fan Area are guaranteed drops of Sigma Ood (fan exclusive), Special Fan Edition Winston Churchill, Special Fan Edition Jenny "The Doctors Daughter" and Stormageddon!  Also, the 12th Doctor's outfit from the recent "Last Christmas" episode, 10th Doctor in a Tuxedo and the 11th Doctor as a monk.   Want a complete list of what you'll find there?  Check that out and more at the game's Wikia!


























To unlock the Fan Area, simply make a single purchase of at least 6 time crystals. That's all there is to it and it goes a long way to helping us continue to make more wonderful content for Doctor Who: Legacy!


One of the many perks of the Fan Area is 150% bonus experience throughout all the Fan Area levels!  This is now a permanent bonus!


Additionally, levels in the fan area can drop many things:


- A level can drop a time crystal. If it does, it will only drop once per version of that level (easy, medium, hard), and will drop 100% of the time on the first playthrough of that level.


- A level can drop a new ally. These will always be 100% drops in the fan area. This will drop once on the first runthrough of any level (regardless of the difficulty) and, like other allies, will never drop again. If an ally drops in a level their portrait will be displayed when that level is selected.  Over Christmas we recently added the Signature Series of *autographed* allies.  The actors who played the Sixth Doctor, Jo Grant, Saibra, Rigsy, Van Gogh, and Ace have all signed their portraits for us and they look amazing in game (see images below).  We plan to continue to grow this Fan Area exclusive.


- A level can drop a new costume for the Doctor or an ally. The rules for this are the same as a new ally.


- A level can drop time fragments (used to upgrade characters). These will always drop at a higher rate than in the rest of the game as a thank you to fans. These have a chance to drop every time you play the level, and you can see which fragments can drop on the level select screen. 


Please note that we recently added in-game advertising to Doctor Who: Legacy.  Those who unlock the Fan Area should not be seeing ads by default.  However, there is a toggle in the options menu (if you have unlocked the Fan Area) which allows you to turn ads ON / OFF at your discretion.  In-game ads are another source of revenue for Doctor Who: Legacy.  Thank you!

Fan Area Signature Series in Doctor Who: Legacy