Doctor Who: Legacy Costume Fund!   #2























This new costume for the Fourth Doctor was funded within 48 hours!  Thank you to the wonderful Doctor Who: Legacy community members who donated.


We haven't chosen yet the 3rd costume for the series but anticipate we will shortly!  Meanwhile, if you would like to contribute to the next fund, please feel free to use the Donate button.  Any proceeds between costume goals will go to the next costume!







"Fine Print"


While we can't disclose exactly what it costs to create and get a new costume approved because of the many people involved, and because the costs vary per piece, all we can say is that it costs "several hundred dollars" to get a new costume from this point to it being in the game.


When the costume is completed it will be given away free exclusively as an unlimited use code for 3 months and then will be added to the game "properly" as a drop, etc.  We will update this page daily with progress.



Notes: If the drive doesn't conclude in a reasonable amount of time we will make up the difference and the art will be created, however no more costume drives will take place.  Excess funding will be rolled into the next costume fund!


Donations are voluntary and no goods are being directly granted in return for your donation.  We are a for profit organization so this is not in any way tax deductable.  All donations will go directly to the actual costs for development of the content it was donated for.



















The Rory costume fund was 100% complete within 24 hours.

Enter this code by February 2nd to unlock the costume: