2015 Community Letter #2 - April 22nd 2015

Twenty four months ago, two small indie teams joined together to build something a little bit different, a gem game they hoped would span the (then) 49 year history of Doctor Who.


Below are some never before seen, very early pieces of art, from the start of the game's development. 

On November 27th 2013 Legacy launched, and included only two Doctors, and characters from only the prior two seasons of the show.

On the 13th Feb 2014 we sent out our first newsletter (haven’t signed up? Go HERE) which started with this text, copied here because it’s as true now as it was then:


“Greetings Whovians!  Welcome to the very first newsletter for Doctor Who: Legacy!  This game would not be possible without the incredible support and love of our users.  So thank you and please continue to provide us with great feedback and spread the word!  Remember, we made this game for you!”


The only reason we're here today is because of the support of you, our amazing community. 


On the 6th March we launched the Chapter 2 Epilogue, our first few story levels.  These introduced John Simm as the Master, the always amazing John Barrowman as Jack Harkness, and added the late William Hartnall as the First Doctor, to our storyline. 

Through 2014 you battled against the Master as he and his Toclafane army tried to use the chaos caused by the Sontarans and the Zygons to reshape time so the universe bends to his will, aided by his various incarnations.

And now, tonight, is the beginning of the dramatic fall of the Master, the road towards the final confrontation between the incarnations of the Doctor and the Master continues as we launch the newest levels in the Legacy storyline.


From here, our plan is to release story levels weekly (approximately 4 per week).  Our effort to replicate the experience of television with a weekly addition of story to look forward to.  Over the next couple of months you’ll see the battle for reality continue – as the web of time collapses around them, ripped apart by the paradoxes being created throughout time, the Doctors have vanished.


Starting tonight, and continuing for the next 2 weeks, Professor River Song (in the Doctor slot) will be leading our heroes as they make their way through The Library, as they search for Alison Docherty’s lost journal which they hope will give them the information they need to defeat the Master’s Toclafane army.

We’ve been going through the feedback (and analytical data) on the levels we’ve released recently, and you’ll find the new story levels easier than the prior Chapter 4 levels.  If the feedback from the level difficulty is positive we’ll work backwards and adjust previous levels (starting with the existing Chapter 4 levels) as necessary. Another tweak to levels you’ll see soon is that many of the longer Chapter 2 levels will have their length reduced (we’ll remove whole waves of enemies) – when we launched the game the end of Chapter 2 was our “endgame” and we weren’t sure we would ever release another level, but now it’s time to go back and adjust length and difficulty of those levels.


If you follow us on Twitch you'll know that we have a new designer on the Legacy team at Seed Studio, Kuenda Lee!


"Hello, fellow Whovians, I am the new designer of Doctor Who: Legacy. The past 3 months have been crazy -- you would know what I mean if you're making a Doctor Who game. In the next few months, we'll be releasing new episodes on a more frequent basis. I wish I could tell you how exciting the new episodes are, but that would be SPOILERS! 


I hope you all enjoy the game as much as we do, and your feedback is always welcomed."


Starting in a few weeks’ time we’ll be adding new drops to the game so that expert characters can wear all of the costumes which their non-expert counterparts can.  These black and white versions of the costumes will be added as 100% drops to existing expert levels, and to future expert levels we release.


Remember – if you have the fan area unlocked you can toggle adverts on and off using the toggle in the fan area. 


Enjoy the game? Please remember to rate it on your local app store =)



The Doctor Who: Legacy Team


Doctor Who: cosplay party in Taiwan with the Seed Studio team!