Design Driven by the Community

Welcome to Doctor Who: Legacy's growing community of players!  Even though Doctor Who: Legacy has over 60 hours of gameplay completely free to play for all new users, we're continually adding new allies, levels and gameplay features, all of which we discuss and design with our amazing community.  We want to hear from you!








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New to the game and a little confused?  Check out the New Player Guide including the Beginner's Guide video from The Adipose!


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Our amazing Facebook community of over 100,000 users is a great place to jump in if you want to help pick which allies will be added to the game next, what outfits they should wear, what their abilities should be called, and all sorts of other fun Whovian bits and pieces



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Want to help be sure we can keep cranking out content on a practically weekly basis as we've been doing for over a year now?  Consider unlocking the Fan Area!  The Fan Area unlocks the first time you make a purchase of 6 or more time crystals.  We'll never force you to unlock time crystals to progress in the game -- no energy meters, no pay walls, none of that nonsense.  But we do have a special optional area just for the amazing fans who choose to help financially support the game with a purchase.  The Fan Area is bursting with exclusive allies and costumes (and they always drop on victory - no rare drops here!), levels, higher drop rates for colored fragments, frequent bonus experience promotions and more!