"Bigger on the Inside" is an 8-bit influenced pixelated adventure with art work by Nathan Skreslet of PixelWho and a wholly original story line written by George Mann and Lee Cummings.







Bigger on the Inside

The story for "Bigger on the Inside" is a new story arc which kicks off with all incarnations of the Doctor present and sees the TARDIS, and her guests, thrown into danger as a virus invades her systems!  


The first episode, the Prologue, which released on 3/25/2015, is entirely free and all costumes drop 100% on successful completion of the associated level!  

Now, at long last, we bring you Chapter 1 (of 2) - released on the 3rd of August, 2016!  Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1 was authored by George Mann (the writer of Engines of War), in association with the BBC Doctor Who Production Team in Cardiff and the BBC Worldwide Doctor Who brand team in London.  The 31 level War Doctor / Eighth Doctor adventure sees the addition to the game of Josie (from Titan Comics) and 20 new pixel costumes.  The story pack will cost $4.99 USD and will reward you with the 19 pixel costumes (plus their associated character) as guaranteed drops as you play through.  Chapter 1 also introduces a wholly original enemy, as visually realized by our artist, Pest Jiang, and based on a collaborative creation of the Legacy team and George Mann.











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