2015 Community Letter #3 -

August 14, 2015

Greetings Whovians from the team at Doctor Who: Legacy!


We worked ourselves to the bone preparing to unleash Doctor Who: Legacy 3.0 and the big day happened on the evening of August 19th (pacific time), when we unleashed 3.0!  It has been an invigorating time for the team with some really wonderful new gameplay features (including Cracks in Time) which refresh and evolve gameplay in very interesting ways.


This letter is to give you an overview of what is in 3.0, why it's in 3.0, and what you can expect in the future!

Many of you are already familiar with Anna's Playground, in the Fan Area, which was designed for the young daughter of one of our players.  He rightly pointed out to us that the game can be very complex for a young child but there are many young Whovians out there who enjoy watching their parents play and try to play themselves.  


Like Anna's Playground, the levels are simplified with enemies who won't be able to hurt your team very much, making it impossible to fail the levels.  These are pure 'intro to the game' fun and you wont even have to set up your team!  Your team is story-driven and designed by us to unlock and change as required for the levels.  You won't be able to use these custom allies and Doctors outside of the Kids area, nor will they gain experience or level up -- but you will find costumes of all of them as guaranteed drops, usable for the characters in the main game!  The art style is fun and cartoon-like, designed by our partner, BBC Worldwide. 







$4.99 USD unlocks the 20 level area and we tentatively plan to roll out two additional sets of add-on levels this year which will not require any further cost to unlock.





Doctor Who: Legacy 3.0 also adds an additional 30 level side-story arc, entitled the Sonic Adventures.  The "Sonic Adventures" story arc is led by a new Sonic version of the First Doctor and includes new  “sonic” versions of beloved allies Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, River Song, and the introduction of the classic Third Doctor companion, Jo Grant.  The Sonic Adventures will find players unlocking a full team of new Sonic Adventure characters (all Rank 5 and usable throughout the game, not just in Sonic Adventures!) and utilizing them to collect a long list of sonic devices and gadgets from over the years of Doctor Who:




2nd Doctor, Mk 1 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Never Fails)

3rd Doctor, Mk 2 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Funny Gadget)

3rd Doctor, Mk 3 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Old Friends)

4th Doctor, Mk 3 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Sonic Lance)

5th Doctor, Mk 3 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Unscrew the Hinges)

7th Doctor, Mk 4 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Careful)

8th Doctor, Mk 4 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Worth Its Weight)

9th Doctor, Mk 5 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Totally Sonic)

10th Doctor, Mk 5 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Setting 85)

11th Doctor, Mk 6 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Overload Technology)

11th Doctor, Mk 7 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Psychic Interface)

12th Doctor, Mk 7 Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Setting 41)

War Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (ability = The Right Tool)

Jack Harkness Sonic Blaster (ability = Villengard Special)

River Song Sonic Blaster (ability = Squareness!)

Romana's Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Ingenuity)

River Song's Sonic Screwdriver (ability = Neural Relay)

The Girl Who Waited Sonic Screwdriver (abliity = Sonic Probe)

11th Doctor Sonic Cane (ability = Back-up Plan)

Sarah Jane's Sonic Lipstick (ability = Sonic Disruption)

These new ally slot gadgets will include new abilities such as:  


Disarm Bomb Gems, Grab Selected Color (to remove from the board), Grab Selected Row or Column (to remove from the board), Change one targeted color to another chosen color, Remove Sap from Selected Gem Color.

The USD $9.99 unlock will grant players access to 30 new levels and over 20 guaranteed reward characters including sonic screwdrivers, sonic lipstick, sonic cane, and more.

Let's talk about some of the new gameplay features you will find in 3.0:



Cracks in Time are a new enemy ability which effectively reshape the board - cracks are immovable spots on the board which can replace individual gems or multiple gems.


You'll need to work around them and there is no way to remove them from the board. 

Bombs are another new enemy ability which allow the enemy to set a bomb timer on certain gems.  After a visible timer expires, the bombed gems will explode and damage your team!  


Match the gems prior to the timer expiring to get rid of them or use a new ally ability to disarm them.


What else is in 3.0?  


  • a new season of Expert Mode levels - more challenging than the old ones and with even stronger ally rewards.

  • User interface improvements including combined TARDIS/Team/Perks tab.

  • Store changes including one unified rolling system for new allies.


You will also find a new fragment dropping, Strands of Time.  Strands of Time will be used to upgrade your Doctors and allies to the next Rank up, Rank 6.  Please note not all allies and Doctors will be immediately available for upgrade to Rank 6.  We will be adding them in gradually.  Also, only one Strand of Time (in addition to other less rare fragments) will be required for the upgrade of each character.


What's next?  


  • Season 9 content is coming - as with last year, we plan to release at least one new level each weekend to coincide with the weekend's new episode.

  • New Fan Area levels!

  • More new Expert levels, new Challenge levels

  • Doctor Who Legacy Kids expansion (free with purchase of the Kids area)

  • More Titan Comics levels, Big Finish levels, and the next installment of Bigger on the Inside.


Help us keep up the pace - please support Doctor Who: Legacy!