September 3, 2015

Patch notes for last night's weekly patch:


1. Added 2 new expert levels:


Expert 4th Doctor

-requires The War Doctor+

-drops The Fourth Doctor+, who can be upgraded to rank 6


Expert Jackson

-requires The Tenth Doctor+

-drops Jackson Lake+, who can be upgraded to rank 6


2. Fan Area level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly regular update.

-drops 5 Omega and 5 Rassilon time fragments.

-drops 1 time crystal on the first run and first run only.


3. Exp bonus rotation has been moved to Chapter 3 this week.



August 27, 2015

And the content keeps coming!  We had our usual Wednesday night patch last night and here's what changed:


1. Addition of 2 Expert levels:

2. Significantly increased the drop rate of Strands of Time in Sonic Adventures.  

These mini-boss and boss levels have the greatest chance of dropping Strands of Time:

Give up!

It's too quiet...

The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Cane

The final battle pt. 1

The final battle pt. 2

3. Fan Area level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly update.

4. Exp bonus rotation has been moved to Chapter 2.


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August 23, 2015

Greetings!  A bunch of news tonight.


First, there is an iOS-only update to the game tonight, 3.0.2 - this update seems to have corrected the issue that some iOS users were having with unlocking Sonic Adventures and the Kids area.  Thank you for your patience while we worked to address as quickly as we could.  This update also fixes some miscellaneous game play and text bugs.


Now that this brings all versions to 3.0.2, we are also doing a live patch tonight which is a particularly exciting one as it enables Rank 6 for the first batch of allies and the Doctors (ultimately all characters will level to Rank 6 but due to time constraints, we are phasing them in as quickly as we can).  


Upgrade to rank 6 for the following characters (note that we focused first on characters everyone has and also characters which are specifically from the Fan Area as a special thank you to Fan Area subscribers):



Also in the patch:


- Clara rank 2 can now use Clara kids costume properly.


- Total Companions has been corrected as 169.




August 20, 2015

Just a quick note to say that we are still working to diagnose why quite a few ios players are unable to access the premium packs. Apple is also helping us to investigate. In Taiwan, the problem has been impossible to reproduce thus far. But we are on it and won't stop til its fixed.


I also know some on ios have complained of sluggishness. This is due to the fact that Apple recently required that all app updates be updated to 64-bit.  Unity fortunately supports 64-bit but its not perfect support and it is very intensive on older apple devices.  Sadly that is beyond our control.  So those, for example, on 4th gen ios devices, are going to find that their issues with lag are worse than ever.  We had no choice but to upgrade to 64-bit.  We do suggest of course that closing background apps may help, and freeing up memory, and occasionally clearing the cache and hard rebooting.


Other than that, we're pleased at least to see that other platforms are not exhibiting this issue.  Fear not Apple players, we WILL fix this.  Please, as always, do reach out to us at with any issues. Be sure to tell us what you play on and include your player ID. And please try to be patient with us, we're a small team but we DO want to help you. I promise.


August 19, 2015

3.0 is live !!!!!  We hope you love it as much as we do.


You can read all the highlights here.  And you can read about known issues which will be fixed very shortly here.


We hope you'll consider unlocking Sonic Adventures and Doctor Who Legacy Kids.  We've gone above and beyond to make them an excellent value for the money.  While we pride ourselves on having a game which offers an astonishing amount of free content, it is expensive to keep a mobile free to play game running for nearly 2 years.  Your support of the game by unlocking these areas and other optional content like the Fan Area keeps us going and growing as an indie team.  Thank you for your support, we are very grateful.


August 15, 2015

Happy Doctor Who Comics Day!  To celebrate, we are giving you a code to unlock the new, fantastic Ninth Doctor Titan Comics Costume, as well as the Ninth Doctor if you haven't already unlocked him.


7788-4522-6842-3827 entered into Options will unlock.  Hurry, it expires at the end of the night on the 17th!


August 14, 2015

3.0 has been dated!  We go live on August 19th, in the evening, pacific time.


Want more details?  Grab a drink and a comfy chair and check out our lengthy letter from the team!


August 5, 2015


Version 3.0 of Doctor Who: Legacy is in submission and we are on schedule for our week of August 17th launch!  Watch for more details and previews over the next two weeks!


July 20, 2015


Don't miss out on your chance to enter the Days of Summer promotion!



July 9, 2015


1. Fan Area "Experimental Relative Dimension" has it weekly update.



2. Winder (Blue) has its upgrade requirement corrected.


3. Exp bonus rotation has been moved to Fan Area this week.




July 2, 2015

1. Fan Area level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly update.



2. The cap of time fragments has been raised to 250 each!


3. Exp bonus rotation has been moved to Chap 3 from Chap 2.


June 25, 2015

Greetings Whovians! Is it really Thursday again already??


Don't miss out Twitch stream today ( which will start a half hour late at 12:30 pacific time (8:30 pm uk).


Here is a link to the newsletter url:



The new Experience patch has gone live:


1. Added 3 new Chapter 4 levels.

The Experience: Under Attack!

-rare drop is a time crystal


The Experience: Time squids!


The Experience: Inside the Crinis!

-rare drop is a NEW suit: TARDIS covered with time squids.


2. Fan Area level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly update.

drops 5 Omega and 5 Green fragments.drops one crystal for the first run and first run only.


3. Exp bonus rotation has been moved to Chapter 2.


And finally, don't forget about the big giveaway going on:


Please note that we are aware that some have had issues with Lockerdome -- we have no control whatsoever over there site/procedures and can't offer any tech support on why some have had trouble linking their FB or Twitter accounts. We apologize but must ask you to contact them directly for trouble with their site (see


We have our hands very full with supporting Legacy and 3.0 --- and while we LOVE doing cool giveaways for you, we won't be able to do them if they start requiring lots of technical support on stuff we dont even know how to support :o) We hope you understand (we hate when people have tech troubles!)




June 18, 2015


Big patch live with loads of coolness:







3. Added 4 new Chapter 4 levels - note: for the best experience, be sure you have your gems toggled to default!


Bubble Universe Echo - The Impossible Planet

rare drop Ood (Blue)

gems are in Ood theme as default


Bubble Universe Echo - The Satan Pit

rare drop Ood (Green)

gems are in The Beast theme as default


Bubble Universe Echo - The Bells of Saint John


Bubble Universe Echo - Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

rare drop Queen Nefertiti

rare drop John Riddell


4. Fan Area level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has it weekly update.

drops 5 Rassilon and 5 Red fragments.drops one crystal for the first run and first run only.


and NEXT week we bring you a patch that is based on the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff!


- Don't miss us on Twitch today! at 12 noon pacific!


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June 15, 2015


The Doctor Who: Legacy team has returned from a tremendously fun visit to Seattle to participate in Anglicon!  Congratulations to the organizers for a wonderful, intimate show.  Doctor Who: Legacy featured prominently with a part in the opening/closing ceremonies, the Match Game (what a treat to be on stage along with the show cast!), the Sunday brunch, a 'dealer table' and 3 panels.  The third panel was streamed live on Twitch and featred surpise appearances by Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred, Katy Manning and Jon Davey -- as well as a couple of Daleks.  Yes, it was as hilarious as you might imagine.  If you missed it, you can catch it online.  And do join us on our weekly live Twitch on Thursdays at 12 noon pacific at!



June 11, 2015


Don't miss the live patch with:

--4 new Chap 4 levels:


Bubble Universe Echo - The Beast Below



Bubble Universe Echo - The Beast Below part 2

drops Winder (green), rare


Bubble Universe Echo - The Beast Below part 3


Bubble Universe Echo - The Beast Below part 4

drops Winder (Black), rare


--Weekly Fan Area level "Experimental Relative Dimension" updated:

drops 5 Blue and 5 Omega fragments.drops one crystal and one time only.


--Exp bonus rotation moved to Chap 1.


Also, don't miss us today on at 12 noon pacific time!


And did you miss the newsletter yesterday? Check it out here.


If you're one of the lucky ones going to Anglicon this weekend in Seattle, we can't wait to meet you!


June 4, 2015

Greetings Doctor Who: Legacy community!


The new patch went live last night which introduced the mini-arc "Bubble Universe Echo".


4 new Chapter 4 levels:



Bubble Universe Echo - Nightmare in Silver


Bubble Universe Echo - Nightmare in Silver, part 2 

drops Impresario Webley (rare)


Bubble Universe Echo - The Time of the Doctor

drops The Silent-Black (Rare)


Bubble Universe Echo - The Time of the Doctor, part 2

drops The Eleventh Doctor's Old Man costume (Rare)


The level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly regular update:

drops 5 red and 5 Rassilon fragments.drops 1 time crystal, one time only.


Experience bonus moved to FAN AREA.




May 28, 2015

And the patch is live! hope you enjoy the new levels, we think they are some of the best yet! 


4 new Chapter 4 levels:


The Cyber King: Merchant Street

requires 12th Doctor, Clara, Bessie

drops one time crystal (rare)


The Cyber King: Chase

- requires 12th Doctor, Clara, Bessie

- drops 3rd Doctor green jacket costume (rare)


The Cyber King: Call the TARDIS


The Cyber King: Impact

- requires 12th Doctor, Clara, Bessie.

- drops Jackson Lake (rare) and one time crystal (rare)


The level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly regular update:

- drops 5 green and 5 omega fragments.

- drops 1 time crystal, one time only.


Experience bonus moved to Chapter 3.


And please don't forget to vote for us in the BestAppEver awards!


Best iOS Adventure Game

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May 26, 2015

Doctor Who: Legacy is up for some BestAppEver awards again this year!  Help us win?


Best iOS Adventure Game

Best Android Puzzle Game


And get ready for another amazing Chapter 4 level patch late Wednesday night!


May 21, 2015


Wednesday night patch notes:


4 new Chapter 4 levels:


The level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly regular update:



and the Experience bonus has moved to Chapter 2.





May 18, 2015

Are you #NewtoWho?  We have a promo code especially for our newest players (but you'll find some treats in it even if you are an 'old timer'):  9579-4598-3293-8632


The code will unlock Captain Jack Harkness, the portrait costume for the 11th Doctor,1 time crystal, and an assortment of time fragments.


May 14, 2015


4 new Chapter 4 levels:


The level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly regular update:


Polly Wright added to the store for 5 time crystal purchase.



Experience bonus moved to Chapter 1.

Difficulty retuning:

Fists of Arnickleton (Ch 1)

Terror of the Weeping Angels (Ch 1)

Revenge of Liberty (Ch 1)

Paradox of the Weeping Angels (Ch 1)

Attack of the Chapter one Robots (Ch 1)

The Allies of the Great Intelligence (Ch 1)

The Rebel Flesh: Solar Tsunami (Ch 2)

The Almost People: Mutation (Ch 2)




May 7, 2015


- The Master

- Back and there again

- The Caretaker

- The Girl in the Fireplace

- The Girl in the Fireplace part2



- 5 yellow and 5 Omega fragments this week

- drops one crystal and one time only.




May 2, 2015

Happy Free Comic Book Day!! Enter this code to unlock Gabby and Alice (by May 9th, when the code expires): 4927-7576-4455-6859


April 29, 2015





- Forest of the Dead

- A Shrine to the Doctor

- Forest of the Dead Part 2

- Toclafane in the Library



- drops Green and Rassilan fragments this week, 5 each.

- drops one crystal and one time only.


April 23, 2015

The next installment of Chapter 4, "Betrayal and Redemption", is live now in game!  Collect your (guaranteed drop) Professor River Song for your TARDIS, and also find a rare drop of Strackman Lux.  Want to know mroe about what's coming?  Read the latest Community Letter!



April 22, 2015

Community Letter #2 is now live - head on over to have a read about Chapter 4 which continues TONIGHT with the live patch!



April 16, 2015

The wednesday night patch is now live and includes, in addition to early access to Donna Noble, early access to Strackman Lux (Steve Pemberton) from Silence in the Library!





April 14, 2015

Donna Noble is now available in the in-game store for early access!  Only 5 time crystals!  This is the only way to access Donna until the release of Chapter 4 levels later this month, where she will be a rare drop.


Please note that as previously announced, we are beginning to include a limited, modest amount of in-game advertising for those who have not unlocked the Fan Area.  You can read all about it in the statement we recently published.  Ads are only on Google Play this week with other platforms to be added in the next two weeks.  If you unlock the Fan Area, you will never have to see ads and you help support the continued growth of the game!!


There will be a patch tonight which will rotate the weekly Fan Area "Experimental Relative Dimension" level and also move the 150% experience bonus to Chapter 1.


And last but certainly not least, it is the Doctor's birthday today!!!!  Happy birthday to Peter Capaldi!  Enter 6944-7579-2548-9726 to unlock his Tuxedo costume from "Mummy on the Orient Express".  The code expires on the 21st so don't delay.  And please note that if you haven't unlocked the Twelfth Doctor yet, you will not be able to access the outfit.  However, you should still claim it as when you do unlock the Twelfth, the outfit will be waiting in his Outfit tab.



April 9, 2015


First, the BIG news - Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) has signed off and is coming very soon to Doctor Who: Legacy!


Patch notes for last night:


Read more about the latest news in our weekly newsletter!



April 6, 2015

Please read our announcement about the upcoming addition of a modest amount of in game advertising and the reasoning behind.


April 2, 2015


Patch notes for the April 1st patch:



Additionally, continuing our difficulty retuning of the first chapter of the game for our newer players:



own chance to face up against the mastermind behind the plot which they’re trapped in!


The full story of "Bigger on the Inside" is anticipated to be well over 100 levels of content and story - last night's prologue is the first 18 of these levels.  Levels drop pixel costumes for the 1st, 10th and 12th Doctors as well as Rory, Amy, Porridge, and Captain Jack Harkness -- adding to the Advent pixel costumes which included Ood, Martha, Astrid, 8th Doctor -- and the pixel costumes are always 100% drop.  


The levels are intended to be of reasonable difficulty and challenge for a team of dual color ranked level 40+ allies.  New to the game?  Don't worry, they'll be there when you are ready.  Also, please do visit the store where some of the costumes are available including a full pack of Doctor pixel costumes, most of which arent in the game yet!


Note that this week, the 150% experience bonus is in Chapter 2 only.


Check out our weekly newsletter which is emailed on Wednesday to subscribers and released as a URL on thursday's:   Included in the newsletter is information about today's pixel costume scavenger hunt and our weekly live Twitch broadcast which is today at 12 noon pacific / 7 pm UK time.

on Wednesday night (pacific)!


Doctor Who: Legacy will be special Gaming Guests at Anglicon in Seattle this June!   Want to come meet the Tiny Rebels?  Sign up to register before the price increase on March 1st AND if you enter the code "LegacyWho", you'll get a 10% discount!  This week on Twitch, we'll be joined by Anglicon to hear all about their plans for the event.