September 27, 2015

Live patch tonight includes:



New level: Witch's Familiar!  Just as with last week, you'll find two versions of the level - one for experienced players to use their own team, and one for newer players to use our pre-fab team.  


Again, for the first 48 hours, the drop will be guaranteed and then it will change over to rare / show up in the store for purchase.


Also, the following characters get access to the upgrade to rank 6:



2. Fan Area level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly update.


3. All ranks of Ohila will now have The War Doctor added to her notable associates.


4. Chapter 1 gets 150% bonus experience (along with the ongoing bonus Fan Area experience).


September 22, 2015



Live patch tonight includes:


1. Added Ohila in the store.

2. The drop rate of Ohila in "The Magician's Apprentice" changed to Rare

3. Fixed a problem which caused the snake in wave 4 of "(L50) The Magician's Apprentice" to not use its ability properly.

4. Corrected Ohila's First Episode in her profile as "The Night of the Doctor". This applies to all ranks of her.

5. Corrected rank 6 SA The First Doctor's status. He should now have more health and damage than he had in Rank 5.



September 21, 2015

And Series/Season 9 support is ON!  Here's the scoop, if you haven't kept up via our weekly newsletter.


Every Sunday night (beginning last night), at approximately 7 pm pacific time, we'll launch a new level based on the episode which aired the prior day.  For 48 hours, the drop will be guaranteed.  After 48 hours, it becomes a rare drop and will also be available for time crystals in the store.


We hope you enjoy -- this amazing live campaign will run throughout the season, leading up to the Christmas special of course.


Also, a special gift for those in the Fan Area  - 150% bonus experience all season long through to Christmas!!!


September 17, 2015

Greetings Whovians!  It's the big week at last!  This weekend we begin our support of Season/Series 9.  We're working it a little differently this year.  Read all about it in our weekly newsletter.


Also this week, we have a special sale in partnership with BBC Worldwide on Google Play.  The unlock of Sonic Adventures is 40% off --- that means Google Play Whovians have the chance to unlock a full team of level 50s and 20 Sonic devices for only $5.99 USD!  And if you're in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, you can also get 40% off the purchase of Season 8 of the show!


And here are the notes for last night's patch:



1.  End of bonus time crystal sale.


2.  A new expert level "No pink! Expert Donna Noble" has been added to the Expert Level 'Season 2' section.


3. The following character have had their upgrade to rank 6 enabled.


4. Fan Area level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its regular weekly update.


5. Experience bonus rotation has been moved to Fan Area.


September 10, 2015


First off, we started a big Bonus Time Crystal Sale last night in the in app store!  All purchases of 6 time crystals or more come with extra time crystal(s) and of course, unlock the amazing Fan Area !


Other additions in last night's patch:



1. Rank 6 upgrade enabled for the following 20 characters from the Sonic Adventures:



In short, all the sonic devices from Sonic Adventures (next week you can expect the Sonic Adventures team to get Rank 6 access).


2. Fan Area level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has it regular weekly update.


3. Experience bonus rotation has been moved to Chapter 4 and Sonic Adventure (both Free Trial and Premium Content) this week.


September 3, 2015

Patch notes for last night's weekly patch:


1. Added 2 new expert levels:


Expert 4th Doctor

-requires The War Doctor+

-drops The Fourth Doctor+, who can be upgraded to rank 6


Expert Jackson

-requires The Tenth Doctor+

-drops Jackson Lake+, who can be upgraded to rank 6


2. Fan Area level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly regular update.

-drops 5 Omega and 5 Rassilon time fragments.

-drops 1 time crystal on the first run and first run only.


3. Exp bonus rotation has been moved to Chapter 3 this week.



August 27, 2015

And the content keeps coming!  We had our usual Wednesday night patch last night and here's what changed:


1. Addition of 2 Expert levels:

2. Significantly increased the drop rate of Strands of Time in Sonic Adventures.  

These mini-boss and boss levels have the greatest chance of dropping Strands of Time:

Give up!

It's too quiet...

The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Cane

The final battle pt. 1

The final battle pt. 2

3. Fan Area level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly update.

4. Exp bonus rotation has been moved to Chapter 2.


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And of course, don't miss us on TWITCH today at 12 pm pacific / 8 pm UK time with very special guest, Katy Manning!  And a time fragment code giveaway AND an AdiGold giveaway for Amazon gift certificates for $25 in Amazon Coins!


August 23, 2015

Greetings!  A bunch of news tonight.


First, there is an iOS-only update to the game tonight, 3.0.2 - this update seems to have corrected the issue that some iOS users were having with unlocking Sonic Adventures and the Kids area.  Thank you for your patience while we worked to address as quickly as we could.  This update also fixes some miscellaneous game play and text bugs.


Now that this brings all versions to 3.0.2, we are also doing a live patch tonight which is a particularly exciting one as it enables Rank 6 for the first batch of allies and the Doctors (ultimately all characters will level to Rank 6 but due to time constraints, we are phasing them in as quickly as we can).  


Upgrade to rank 6 for the following characters (note that we focused first on characters everyone has and also characters which are specifically from the Fan Area as a special thank you to Fan Area subscribers):



Also in the patch:


- Clara rank 2 can now use Clara kids costume properly.


- Total Companions has been corrected as 169.



- requires 12th Doctor, Clara, Bessie

- drops 3rd Doctor green jacket costume (rare)


The Cyber King: Call the TARDIS


The Cyber King: Impact

- requires 12th Doctor, Clara, Bessie.

- drops Jackson Lake (rare) and one time crystal (rare)


The level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly regular update:

- drops 5 green and 5 omega fragments.

- drops 1 time crystal, one time only.


Experience bonus moved to Chapter 3.


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May 26, 2015

Doctor Who: Legacy is up for some BestAppEver awards again this year!  Help us win?


Best iOS Adventure Game

Best Android Puzzle Game


And get ready for another amazing Chapter 4 level patch late Wednesday night!


May 21, 2015


Wednesday night patch notes:


4 new Chapter 4 levels:


The level "Experimental Relative Dimension" has its weekly regular update:



and the Experience bonus has moved to Chapter 2.