July 23, 2014

Patch tonight ends bonus experience in Season 6.  For the next week, there will be bonus

experience of 150% in all Season 5 levels as well as increased fragment drops in Season 5!


Also, check out the Tiny Rebel Games "Team of the Week" pack in the store.


And be sure to sign up for our newsletter for an exclusive code for a costume for

Gabby (Titan Comics Doctor Who comic series character) tomorrow andjoin us at 12 noon pacific tomorrow for where we will be giving ANOTHER exclusive Gabby costume code away!  Read all 

about our partnership with Titan Comics here.



July 19, 2014

Doctor Who: Legacy received some honors via yesterday:



A hearty thank you to all of our fans who took the time to vote, and moreso, to all of the 

incredibly active and engaged people in our player community who constantly help us to

make this an even better Doctor Who game experience.  Allons-y!!!


Also, yesterday Titan Comics announced our partnership to incorporate allies and more from their

new comic series into Doctor Who: Legacy!  Look for more about this during Comicon and if you are 

lucky enough to be attending Comicon, drop by to see them at their booth and their panel for promo codes!



July 16, 2014

A patch has gone live which includes a bonus time crystal sale for all purchases of 6 or more 

time crystals.  Rose Tyler and the 5th Doctor are both in store now (both will drop in the Hunt

For Greyhound One expansion), as is a Season 5 Mega Pack. 


Season 6 experience is set at 150% for the next week and Season 6 fragment drop rate is 

increased for the week as well!


If you havent checked out our Facebook version yet, head on over to !


July 11, 2014

There's still time to claim the code for the 5th Doctor!  6782-5859-2899-9938


July, 10, 2014

The facebook version of Doctor Who: Legacy is live!   Find more info here about the Facebook




July 9, 2014

The Facebook release version has gone gold!  We anticipate having it out there for you to play

in the next 24 hours!  We hope you all enjoy.


Tonight (Thursday) we will be releasing a new Fan Area only level, Strax Has a Bad Dream with

a guaranteed Fan Area Strax drop.  Also, two new challenge levels are launching.



July 7, 2014

We're celebrating the birthday of the late, great Jon Pertwee today with a promo code for 

his amazing purple jacket costume (and the code also unlocks the 3rd Doctor if you didnt

already have him!) - code is 3788-3873-2342-8895.



June 30, 2014

Happy Monday Whovians!  The patch is live!   Please be sure that you are on the current 

version of the game - 2.2 - from the store and then be sure you are online to patch!


The new patch includes the dual color system --- all Doctors and allies in Legacy will have the

ability to rank up to Rank 5 and at Rank 5, they get a secondary color!  Who will you upgrade 



A second patch will be going live today that adds the new Challenge Mode to the game.  It will have the first two 

Challenge levels which introduce you to the new area where you will find levels that require a specific Doctor and frequently specific Allies!  We're planning to add more challenges here weekly, so keep an eye out!


June 27, 2014

Happy Friday Whovians!!!!


Version 2.2 has been approved on all mobile platforms!!!!


Here is a quick update on how the roll-out will work as we're trying to minimize any problems for players as there will be both an update and a patch.


1.  Right now, we're pushing itunes, google play, samsung, amazon live so that players can update to version 2.2.  Version 2.2 update will add the daily login bonus, some UI overhauling, and some 'under the hood' optimizations.


2. We're releasing the update today but will not be releasing the patch until Sunday night pacific time - this is because the patch won't be playable without the update and we want to get as many people updated before then as we can.  It can take hours for the update to propogate to all of the stores.


3. When the patch goes live, you'll see the rest of the anticipated new features including, most notably, the Rank 5 addition with the new dual color system.


4. Facebook beta will end monday, the release version will be submitted monday for approval, and will go live text week as a full release of the game (with ability to claim promo codes, make purchases, unlock fan area, etc).


2.2 Update (NOW)



Patch (Sunday night, pacific time, patch)



June 26, 2014

Don't forget to join us for tonight at 8 pm -- and if you happen to

be near Cardiff, just us live tonight at Urban Tap House for the first official Doctor Who: Legacy



2.2 will be live very soon, just waiting on the last store approval!



June 24, 2014

Don't miss your second chance to get a code for the 6th Doctor and his new portrait costume!




Code good through the end of 6/26th.


Version 2.2 is currently in submission and should be live very soon on iOS, Android, Kindle and

also newly available on Facebook and Samsung at the same time!



June 19, 2014

Did you miss the latest newsletter?  Check it out for a code for the 2nd Doctor and his new

portrait costume!  Also, don't miss out on Twitch tonight, where we will be giving out the link 

for the Facebook Open Beta Stress Test!


June 14, 2014

Have you checked out the new official Doctor Who: Legacy Forum?  Great place to ask your

fellow players and the DWL team questions, offer suggestions, and generally participate

in the community.  Also, have you signed up for our weekly (Thursday) newsletter?  This week 

we'll be sending out a code for the 2nd Doctor and his new portrait costume.  Sign up on

this page (see "Sign up for our newsletter!" box).



June 13, 2014

Have you checked out the latest information on Version 2.2 in our Letter from the Creative Director?



June 12, 2014

Two more codes from the Doctor Portrait Costume series went live today! 1st Doctor and 3rd Doctor.  Both codes are for the Doctor and his new costume.  Both codes expire at the end of the weekend or 800K claims (whichever comes first), so don't delay!


1st Doctor:  3466-8746-7553-4428 (UPDATE: EXPIRED!)

3rd Doctor: 6676-2455-4688-8485 (UPDATE: EXPIRED!)



June 11, 2014

We've been a little quiet on the news front the last week as we put the finishing touches on the 2.2 update which is in QA for release this month.  Expect an update from the Creative Director in the next few days about what's coming in this big update and what's coming down the road.  


The big things to know are


- we are on schedule for 2.2.  

- Facebook will go into full release alongside the mobile versions of 2.2 (thank you if you have been helping us to beta test -- we hope to open the beta test up to everyone next week for a stress test). 

- Tomorrow (thursday) is the weekly Twitch broadcast.

- The weekly newsletter is tomorrow (thursday), sign up on this page (look for the purple box up top) if you arent on the list!


June 5, 2014

Looking for the promo codes for the portait costume series?  Look no further!  The official BBC WW Doctor Who website has a list of all 5 codes from thursday along with a new code for the 7th Doctor and his new costume!



June 5, 2014

Today, 5 portrait costume codes are being given away for the 5 most recent Doctors!


The 11th Doctor costume code can be found on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

The 10th Doctor costume code can be found at the David Tennant fan site.

The 9th Doctor costume code can be found at Kasterborous.

The War Doctor costume code can be found exclusively in our weekly newsletter which went out this morning.  

And finally, the 8th Doctor costume code will be announced at 8 pm UK time on our weekly Twitch live show!



June 4, 2014

Patch is now live which significantly readjusts Season 5 difficulty to a more reasonable level of difficulty for our broad player base.  After gathering information and listening to our players on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, etc we concluded that Season 5 difficulty was a little too challenging for too many of our players.  Going forward, we will continue to monitor difficulty spikes (we also found a couple of spikes in the earliest part of the game which were also adjusted) as necessary.  Please note that we plan to continue releasing Expert mode levels for our players who really want to be significantly challenged -- these levels will be as brutal as ever and will reward our players with the best available versions of the allies and Doctors.


The online knowledge base has been updated with information on restoring Google Cloud Saves for the minority of players who have had issues with restoring progress.



Tonight there will be the weekly patch which will include:


- a new Fan Area level which will drop the 9th Doctor's regeneration costume - the level will be tuned to easy, medium, and hard versions (take your pick), all of which drop the costume on first successful completion

- the first ever Fan Area Expert Mode level -- this is the same level which drops the 9th Doctor costume but if you complete it on expert level of difficulty, you'll receive an expert mode version of Ianto

- Yellow Adipose is being added as a drop in early Season 7, Level 6 (Snowmen: Backstreets of London)

- Silent Yellow is being added as a drop to Season 6, L39: Whispers in the Orphanage

- Yellow week sale in the store

In other news:


- Version 2.2 will be submitted for approvals mid month and should be live shortly there after.  


- The Facebook release version is nearly live -- thank you to our beta players for the great feedback!



May 25, 2014

Patch is live now and includes the recently added 10th Doctor costume as a drop in Season 7 - The Name of the Doctor: Trenzalore!

***We've decided to continue the fan area bonus XP through the end of the weekend (since we had that patching glitch that delayed the start of it) and also, the next week is 150% fragment drop (on top of the already boosted drop rate) in the fan area too!***

We also have a new expert mode level "They Are Coming" with a guaranteed reward on completion of the expert version of the 11th Doctor!

Newsletter is coming in the morning, and Twitch at noon pacific. Hope to see you all there, its going to be a big 'Ask Me Anything' session with Lee and Susan.


May 25, 2014

It's Memorial Day weekend in the States (where Tiny Rebel is based) and we've decided to celebrate with an impromptu, global sale!  All 6+ time crystal purchases get bonus time crystals.  All individual Doctors are on sale for 1 time crystal each.


Fan Area bonus XP (150%) is still on!  And make sure you check out Season 6, L2, Enter...The Zygons for a chance to get Jenny the Doctor's Daughter.



May 21, 2014

Tonight's weekly patch is live and includes:


- Jenny, The Doctor's Daughter (not the Fan Area version) will be added to the game, red gem, overpower red, will be added to Season 6, Level 2: Enter...The Zygons. And just because we love you guys, we're making her drop rate DOUBLE the normal drop rate for one week only! She'll also be added to the S6 roll and in the store.

- FAN AREA WEEK which means all fan area levels get 150% experience for the next WEEK!!!!!!!


- Time fragment drop rate has been increased in all areas of the game and increased twice as much in the Fan Area


- Heart fragments will now additionally drop in the last 5 levels of Season 7

-This is green week and that means all green characters in the store will be 1 time crystal (such as the 2nd Doctor and Craig Owen).

Additional news and reminders:

- Tomorrow we're doing our usual with Adipose (don't forget to congratulate him!) and we'll be giving away 10 codes for the big Doctor Who Humble Bundle comic book pack (all 60 comic book issues + 10 Doctor codes! 8 pm UK / 12 noon pacific.

Some giveaways to know about if you don't already:

@whoviannet has a retweet competition going on for 10 codes as well

Finally, as an FYI, we are currently beta testing the FACEBOOK version of Doctor Who: Legacy. We've let about 60 people in so far and are adding more daily!  



May 14, 2014

Have relatives or friends who love Doctor Who or puzzle games and haven't checked out Doctor Who: Legacy yet? Point them over to Humble Bundle where they can pick up a huge catalogue of IDW Doctor Who comic books *AND* the Android version of Doctor Who: Legacy with a promo code included that unlocks all 10 Doctors which are 

in the game from the start!  Supports two wonderful charities as well!


UPDATED: Live now is a new patch!  Make sure you are online so that it auto patches your game:


*Technical Enhance (40 stars) - to introduce you to the technical perk which is in the S tab.

*Technical Enhance (180 stars)

*Bigger Debuff Resistance (250 stars)

*Match 10 gems of a color for 10% dmg increase (300 stars)


We'll also be putting Miranda Cleaves Ganger in as a drop in Season 5 for those who missed out.  And we'll be having a sale on red gem allies in the store.  And the Advent Pack has returned to the store.



May 7, 2014

A big patch just went live!


1. Sale promotion:

4.99 - 7 crystals instead of 6

9.99 - 15 crystals instead of 13

19.99 - 31 crystals instead of 24

49.99 - 80 crystals instead of 70

99.99 - 200 crystals instead of 170


2. All single ally purchases in the store are 2 time crystals.


3. All of the Doctors except 11th and 10th have been added as single purchases, 2 time crystals each.


4. Added Patrick Troughton to the Ultimate Doctor Pack


5. Season 5 Mega Pack - 70 time crystals


6. Switched the bonus XP to Season 6 TV episodes


7. 5 more expert mode levels live!


8. New Fan Area level with the Fan Area Doctor's daughter (Jenny).


9. Season 5 first 20 levels, toned down the difficulty.


10. Last minute addition of the Silence Amnesia Pack by massive fan demand!


May 6, 2014

Coming this week to the Fan Area, Jenny "The Doctor's Daughter"!  This will be an exclusive 'Fan' version of Jenny and a guaranteed 100% drop in a new level in the Fan Area.  


May 2, 2014

Bonus Experience!


Have an alt team you want to level up? Now is the perfect time start =)


Over the next 7 days you will gain 150% experience when you beat any season 7 level based directly on an episode from the show (Asylum of the Daleks, Nightmare in Silver, etc). Next Thursday this will change to season 6, and the following week will change to season 5! 



April 28, 2014

There is an updated version, 2.1, of Doctor Who: Legacy coming this week.  Please check for the list of what is addressed in this update.


Our tech team will be doing some server maintenance tonight, 11 pm PST.  Downtime should be 3 - 4 hours..  During this time the following will not be working:  

- claiming promotion codes

- purchase items form the in-game store



April 24, 2014

Enter this code for this week's giveaway, a free grab bag of time fragments to help rank up your new allies:  ZMDN-FPJH-UXFG-SPDZ.  Code expires on the 27th.



April 21, 2014

Greetings fans --- here is a code you can enter that will unlock the 8th Doctor *and* his new costume from the movie:  ZSTD-CGRM-GPYC-VHNE. Expires friday!


We know that some of you are experience a variety of post update issues.  Please be as patient as you can and we have also set up a new online knowledge base at:



April 18, 2014

Check out the new update from our Executive Producer for details related to the new update!


April 17, 2014

Version 2.0 of the game client is now live on all stores, please be sure to update your game!


Unfortunately, delays beyond our control are causing the Season 5 content patch to be delayed until approximately 6:30 pm PST.  The good news is the patching process should be much faster than the updating process :)


Meanwhile, the Perks system is live and veteran players should have lots of Stars to spend on Perks.  Check out the guide to the Perks System for details on how it works and there is also a tutorial in game.


Tonight, when the patch is added, you will find 20+ hours of Season 5 levels to play, Expert mode, loads of new goodies in the store and more!


Thanks for your patience today.



April 16, 2014

Update, 8 pm PST:  Version 2.0 will be pushed live in about an hour to all stores.  This will patch the game client and allow you to begin to use the Perks System.  There will be a very large patch coming about 5 hours later which will add the season 5 content.  You will need to update and patch to play season 5.


Tomorrow's the day that so many have been waiting for!  The launch of Version 2.0 of Doctor Who: Legacy!  Please be sure to update your game when it goes live and then patch as well.  And please be sure to help us spread the word, review us on the stores, and tell us what you think of the expansion.