November 20, 2014

Next week is the one year anniversary of the launch of Doctor Who: Legacy!  If you haven't done so, head on over to the 1st Birthday Letter from the Doctor Who: Legacy team to read all about our plans for the coming few months including the 2nd annual Advent Calendar promotion which kicks off January 1st as well as updates on "Bigger on the Inside" and our inclusion of extended universe Doctor Who content from Titan Comics, Big Finish, and the Engines of War novel by George Mann.


Two patches are imminent for the game.  


The first is coming slightly later than initially planned, on the night of Monday the 24th (pacific time).  This patch will include the first half of the new prologue story which adds the 12th Doctor and the 4th Doctor into the core storyline of the game.  We will also be adding a new gem skin specifically for those who are color blind, by popular request (let us know what you think of the solution please if this affects you).


The second patch is coming on the night of Thursday the 27th (pacific time) which is both the anniversary of the game and Thanksgiving day in the USA.  This patch will include the second half of the new prologue.  It will also include a new Expert mode level entitled "A Mad Man with a Box".  In it, you will content with the Zygons as they impersonate each and every incarnation of the Doctor!  Your reward will be the Expert version of the TARDIS!  This is only for the most experienced players and will require obtaining the Expert First Doctor and Expert Brigadier before attempting.


We have more planned to celebrate our one year anniversary, so stay tuned and as always, thank you for your support of Doctor Who: Legacy!


November 16, 2014

A patch went live tonight with some exciting new content including:


- "Ms. Delphox" in the Fan Area exclusively.  This level will reward you with the Fan Teller (Fan Teller is blue. His ability is called "Survival Instinct" and it increases the health of your team -- at max, rank 5, it increases your health by 40% for one turn (great for absorbing bit hits in expert mode levels for example).


- New "UNIT" challenge level in the challenge area (1 time crystal reward)


- 150% bonus experience all week in the Fan Area.


- Bonus time crystal promotion: 15 for the price of 13 (bag of time crystals).


- "Brigadier pack" now available in the store (includes Brigadier and his two costumes).

November 10, 2014

ATTN: Scheduled server maintenance will start in at 10 pm pacific time / 6 am UK time.  During that time you cannot access the Facebook version, claim promo codes, update from the patch server or claim daily login bonuses.Anticipated downtime is 4 hours.

November 9, 2014

Happy Sunday night, the patch is now live!  And with it, the much anticipated episodes based on Dark Water and Death in Heaven!  Dark Water (easy/medium/hard) and two levels based on Death in Heaven (easy/medium/hard) are all in the specials tab.  Rewards are Kate Stewart as a new ally, a new costume for Danny Pink and a new costume for the Brigadier!  Also, a new and challenging expert level, "Confusion", can now be found in the Expert mode tab.  Please note that this is currently one of the hardest levels in the game, requiring 4 specific expert mode characters just to be allowed to play it.  This is only for the most experienced of players with an appropriate team.  You've been warned :)


You'll also find a new Cyberman gem skin in the Options menu.


November 7, 2014

Greetings Whovians!


Such an exciting weekend! ‪Long Island Doctor Who‬ is on and if you're there, you'll have loads of opportunities for DW: Legacy codes and try to get one of those rare tiny rebel games ribbons -- post a pick if you get one! Only about 500 are up for grabs.


And I know we are waiting (im)patiently for Death in Heaven over here in Tiny Rebel land.


So -- Osgood Osgood....Osgood has been unavoidably delayed. We'll give you an update on her when we have one, rest assured. But meanwhile, we can't hold up the content any longer. Sooooo. This weekend we will release all of the following:


- Dark Water (Easy/Medium/Hard) - reward will be Kate Stewart! She will be green, just like her father. And her ability is called "Her Father's Daughter" and will overpower green (her father changes color to green).

- Death in Heaven, part 1 (Easy/Medium/Hard) - reward will be a costume. No spoilers here, sorry. But we think you will be VERY happy.

- Death in Heaven, part 2 (Easy/Medium/Hard) - reward will also be a costume. Once again, can't spoil. But again, you guys will be VERY happy indeed.

- New expert mode level, "Confusion" with Expert War Doctor as the reward and his ability at rank 5 will overpower 2 colors! (new Doctor ability


All of this goodness will be coming Sunday night.


Again, apologies on Osgood. If we could release we would, but we cannot alas. But hopefully that will change soon.


Another piece of good news --- the lovely Keeley Hawes has signed on and that means a new level is coming based on Time Heist featuring Ms. Delphox. Expect that treat in the FAN AREA next weekend with Fan Teller.


And finally, if you didnt see the note earlier and missed Twitch. Here's the hour long recap full of 'what's coming soon' goodness. If you only have a few mins, start half way through where we get to art reveals for Titan, Bigger on the Inside, etc.


Novemeber 2, 2014, p.m.

The patch is now live and contains the two new Fan Area levels and five new challenge mode levels.  Please if you are arachnophobic be aware that "Kill the Halloween" in the challenge area will feature a very large spider.  You've been warned :)


Also, the code is live to unlock Rory the Centurion!  Head here to check it out and to contribute, if you so choose, to Costume 2 (Tom Baker's!)!


November 2, 2014, a.m.

Greetings everyone!

Those of you who watched Dark Water on BBC America last night might have caught the on-air promotion of Doctor Who: Legacy complete with a special promo code: 1212-1212-1212-1212 to unlock the 12th Doctor, Danny Pink, Courtney Woods, Vastra's cat suit, and a time crystal. If you missed it or aren't in the US, you can enter it too and feel free to share. Code is good til the end of the year.

GOOD news is tonight we have a patch which adds TWO fan area levels, one which rewards you with Fan Rusty (Rusty the Dalek) and one which is Halloween themed and classic and rewards you with the Web of Fear costume for the TARDIS. We also have 5 new challenge levels going live which are tuned to a variety of levels and require various team members to complete. Also, when the patch goes live tonight, we will release a promo code to unlock Rory's new costume! And we'll also launch our second costume fund costume which I'll start another thread about!

BAD news is the Dark Water level has been unavoidably held up. We still expect it to go live early this week but an issue beyond our control has meant not including tonight. Nothing to worry about, it will go live -- just a short delay  The cybermen skinned gem theme will also go live when Dark Water goes live.

The gem theme contest has ended and we expect to pick a winner soon!


October 28, 2014

This weekend, the delayed Rusty the Dalek Fan Area

level will go live along with our new Season 8 content

for Dark Water, and some new unannounced levels

(watch for more info on them in Thursday's newsletter

and on Thursday's Twitch broadcast.  We'll also be

releasing a promo code this weekend for the Rory the 

Centurion costume and more!


If you missed the Tom Baker promo code, he's also

available in the store now for 2 time crystals and as 

part of the complete Doctor pack for 20 time crystals.  

And he'll be coming soon as a reward in game.


October 24, 2014

So much is new!


Tom Baker is now live in Doctor Who: Legacy as the

final Doctor in the complete set!


Head on over to Kotaku:

for your code to access the 4th!  Hurry, code expires

on Sunday night!


Also, we have added a new expert model level - the 3rd and final in a new set - which unlocks the expert version

of the Brigadier.  AND since it's such a classics oriented patch, we've also added a new black and white costume for the Brigadier, straight out of his first appearance in Web of Fear.  You can find it in "The Brigadier" as a rare drop, at the end of Season 5 (note: not in the easier version in the Specials tab).  


We've also added the TARDIS to the store for purchase and the Van Gogh historical costume too.


The sale on the Box of Time Crystals and Random Rolls is still ongoing but ends Sunday night.  We are also expecting to go live at the end of the weekend with a new Fan Area level with Rusty the Dalek as your reward!



October 20, 2014

Enter this promo code to receive your special

new costume for the TARDIS:




The code will expire on November 3rd.  Please note

that if you do not yet have the TARDIS ally, you 

will not be able to use the costume though you can and

should claim it now for when you DO have the ally.  It

will be stored. 


October 19, 2014

Patch is live and includes:

- new expert mode level for Expert Captain Jack
- new beta level in Fan area
- Ood pack in store
- $20 pack on sale for $18.99 + extra 4 time crystals
- Random rolls on sale for 2 time crystals!
- Van Gogh pack

Promo code goes live tomorrow for the new TARDIS costume from Flatline!


October 16, 2014

Happy birthday to our Creative Director, Lee Cummings!  Let's celebrate with a code to unlock his favorite Doctor -- Paul McGann, the 8th Doctor, of course -- and the two costumes available for the 8th.  Enter 8324-4337-9934-3996 to unlock.


October 13, 2014

"Mummy On the Orient Express" is now live in the Season 8 area (specials) and available with 3 levels of difficulty.  The reward is a 12th Doctor costume from the episode!



October 12, 2014

"No Pink Gems: Bombs!" has gone live as a new expert mode level, with Expert Ace as your reward!  This is only for the most experienced players, with a maxed out team.  Also, The Teller (from "Time Heist") is available for early access now in the store for 5 time crystals.  And for iOS players, version 2.5 has gone live which means 2.5 is live now on all platforms.  Please update immediately if you have not!


"Mummy on the Orient Express" will go live tomorrow night with a new costume for the 12th Doctor.


October 5, 2014

"Kill the Moon" is now live in Doctor Who: Legacy!  Easy/Medium/Hard are all available.  We're aware that there are many severely arachnophobic people out there and we didnt forget you.  If you wish to unlock Courtney without having to content with spiders, this code will allow: 5792-9596-6379-3356.  


Also live tonight, is 150% experience in the Fan Area (for 7 days), increased cap on time fragments, and a special beta level in the Fan Area.



October 4, 2014

We have a giveaway going on now with time crystal prizes!  Check it out before time runs out!


Sunday night, 7 pm pacific time, "Kill the Moon" goes live in the Season 8 specials tab with easy/medium/hard difficult and with a new ally as your reward.  Also in the same patch, we will be adding 150% bonus experience for all levels in the Fan Area!    This bonus will last all week until the following Sunday's patch.  


Fan Area players also have another special treat --- the first opportunity to play an early beta level of upcoming content.  Please note, this is purely to check out the gameplay.  The art is in no way representative of what's coming (spoilers, afterall....).  


And finally, we have an opportunity for our players, if you're feeling creative, to help us design a gem skin specifically inspired by the 12th Doctor.  Check it out!


September 28, 2014

"The Caretaker" is now live in the Specials tab of the game.  Easy/Medium/Hard versions are available.  All 3 versions have the same reward of the 12th Doctor's first costume from the episode.


Also live is Robin of Zygor, exclusively in the Fan Area.  This level will reward you with Robin Hood as a new ally!


Coming next Sunday is "Kill the Moon" with a new ally.  Also coming next Sunday, the patch will increase the number of time fragments you can hold of each type to 150, by popular demand!


September 27, 2014

Have friends who haven't tried Doctor Who: Legacy?  Or are you new to the game yourself?  Enter 3385-9957-2959-8722 to unlock the 12th Doctor, Saibra, Danny Pink, and costumes for Vastra and Jenny -- its the New to Who season 8 highlights code.  Expires in two weeks!


Tomorrow night "The Caretaker" will go live in the Season 8 Specials tab with a new costume for the 12th Doctor as your reward.  Also, we'll be going live with "Robin of Zygor" in the Fan Area with Robin Hood as your reward.


September 21, 2014

"Time Heist" is now live in Season 8 Specials tab with Saibra as a new ally joining the game!  Easy/Medium/Hard versions of the level are all available.  Each version presents its own challenges for the appropriately leveled team so higher end players might enjoy going back with lower level teams to play the easier versions too!  


Next weekend's content is already well underway and we'll also be launching a new Fan Area level with Robin Hood from Robot of Sherwood.


September 16, 2014

The sale is now live -- this is the first sale for Facebook since that format launched! So take advantage of the chance to stock up on time crystals!

The Moment is in store, so are Red, Green, Black Winders.

And of course a new Fan Area level with the exclusively fan area Yellow Winder (Hard level: Hunted)!

And if you're on Android, dont forget to upgrade to 2.4.1, which went live tonight -- small bug fixing update, coming to other platforms soon.


September 14, 2014

"Into the Dalek" part 2 is now live in the Specials tab (easy/medium/hard) - receive Orson Pink as a new ally for your party, with his new ability to turn two gems to another color.


And this week, watch for a store update, new Winder allies, The Moment in store, and a new Fan Area level!




July 23, 2014

Patch tonight ends bonus experience in Season 6.  For the next week, there will be bonus

experience of 150% in all Season 5 levels as well as increased fragment drops in Season 5!


Also, check out the Tiny Rebel Games "Team of the Week" pack in the store.


And be sure to sign up for our newsletter for an exclusive code for a costume for

Gabby (Titan Comics Doctor Who comic series character) tomorrow andjoin us at 12 noon pacific tomorrow for where we will be giving ANOTHER exclusive Gabby costume code away!  Read all 

about our partnership with Titan Comics here.



July 19, 2014

Doctor Who: Legacy received some honors via yesterday:



A hearty thank you to all of our fans who took the time to vote, and moreso, to all of the 

incredibly active and engaged people in our player community who constantly help us to

make this an even better Doctor Who game experience.  Allons-y!!!


Also, yesterday Titan Comics announced our partnership to incorporate allies and more from their

new comic series into Doctor Who: Legacy!  Look for more about this during Comicon and if you are 

lucky enough to be attending Comicon, drop by to see them at their booth and their panel for promo codes!



July 16, 2014

A patch has gone live which includes a bonus time crystal sale for all purchases of 6 or more 

time crystals.  Rose Tyler and the 5th Doctor are both in store now (both will drop in the Hunt

For Greyhound One expansion), as is a Season 5 Mega Pack. 


Season 6 experience is set at 150% for the next week and Season 6 fragment drop rate is 

increased for the week as well!


If you havent checked out our Facebook version yet, head on over to !


July 11, 2014

There's still time to claim the code for the 5th Doctor!  6782-5859-2899-9938


July, 10, 2014

The facebook version of Doctor Who: Legacy is live!   Find more info here about the Facebook




July 9, 2014

The Facebook release version has gone gold!  We anticipate having it out there for you to play

in the next 24 hours!  We hope you all enjoy.


Tonight (Thursday) we will be releasing a new Fan Area only level, Strax Has a Bad Dream with

a guaranteed Fan Area Strax drop.  Also, two new challenge levels are launching.



July 7, 2014

We're celebrating the birthday of the late, great Jon Pertwee today with a promo code for 

his amazing purple jacket costume (and the code also unlocks the 3rd Doctor if you didnt

already have him!) - code is 3788-3873-2342-8895.



June 30, 2014

Happy Monday Whovians!  The patch is live!   Please be sure that you are on the current 

version of the game - 2.2 - from the store and then be sure you are online to patch!


The new patch includes the dual color system --- all Doctors and allies in Legacy will have the

ability to rank up to Rank 5 and at Rank 5, they get a secondary color!  Who will you upgrade 



A second patch will be going live today that adds the new Challenge Mode to the game.  It will have the first two 

Challenge levels which introduce you to the new area where you will find levels that require a specific Doctor and frequently specific Allies!  We're planning to add more challenges here weekly, so keep an eye out!