August 18, 2014

Keep your eyes peeled this week for promo code giveawas in various media sites as we do our part to keep you excited (how could you not be?) about the world premiere of the new Doctor Who season this weekend AND the launch of our Season 8 content in Doctor Who: Legacy.  And if you're in the States, John Simm (otherwise known as The Master) has a new series launching after, Intruders, on BBC America which the Doctor Who: Legacy team will absolutely be watching.


August 18, 2014

Heads up that the Google Play Summer Sale will be ending at 5 pm pacific time. Last few hours to get 30% off of time crystals (GREAT time to unlock the Fan Area of course!).

As you know we are anxiously prep'ing for Sunday's launch of a Season 8 live patch with the first new S8 level of the game based on Deep Breath. No spoilers yet for you on the first drop  The level will go live at approximately 11 am pacific time on Sunday morning. Followed at 12 noon pacific by our big special live event! Don't miss that!

Also, 2.4 of the game has gone into submission with Apple. Yup, that was fast. This one is intended to first, fix the daily login bonus. And second, it makes some....ahem....changes for Season 8. Again, no spoilers, you'll have to wait and see.



August 17, 2014

In case you missed it, the Fan Area now has Fan Impresario Webley as a guaranteed drop in No Blue Gems: Gift of the Tenza.  So if you have access to the Fan Area, do head over and collect your new ally on first successful completion of the level.


Also, we know you are anxiously awaiting the launch of the new Season of Doctor Who next weekend on August 23rd -- but did you know that Doctor Who: Legacy will be launching new content EVERY WEEKEND during Season 8 inspired by that weekend's episode?!  Sunday at approx. 11 am pacific (7 pm UK), we plan to launch the first of these levels as a tie in to Deep Breath.  


And then at 12 noon pacific (8 pm UK), we will have a special Sunday Twitch live event where we'll talk all about Season 8's premiere of course and you will get your very first costume from Series 8 for one of your allies, Jenny.  We hope you will join us!



August 12, 2014

The Hunt fo Greyhound One is now live in Doctor Who: Legacy on Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook! (Samsung will go live as soon as they approve the update).  


Also, if you are on Android and haven't checked out the sale, it's going on through the 18th and gives you 30% off all purchases of 6 or more time crystals.  Great time to unlock the Fan Area!  And make sure you enter your exclusive Google Play code for a new 3rd Doctor costume: 3264-5754-4953-8629


August 11, 2014

Good evening from the Doctor Who: Legacy team!  Version 2.3 is now live on Amazon, Google, and Apple!  Please update your game as soon as you can in preparation for tomorrow night's patch, The Hunt For Greyhound One.


Happy gaming!


August 8, 2014

First, a mighty 'huzzah' for iTunes approving Hunt For Greyhound One (!!). Second, here's our rollout plan for the update so you know what to expect:

- Tonight we are submitting to Amazon and Facebook and uploading to Google.

- Assuming no problems, we will be updating the game to version 2.3 on Monday night pacific time. Will give a time estimate as we get closer. This is not the content patch, its a client side update (necessary for things like new abilities and bug fixes).

- Tuesday night pacific, once most players have had a chance to update their game, we will patch and formally release Hunt For Greyhound One for your gaming enjoyment 

So have a brilliant weekend everyone. If you are on Google Play and havent checked out the big sale, by all means check it out and claim your exclusive costume code too!


August 7, 2014

We hope you joined our live Twitch today with Peter Hickman from the BBC where we talked all about our plans for Season 8 of Doctor Who.  If you missed it, watch for a Youtube video recap soon.


We also launched a big giveaway with the fine folks at Popwrapped.  Head on over for your chance to win the Season 5 full access mega pack and all of the currently available Doctors!


August 5, 2014

Doctor Who: Legacy's 2.3 update, The Hunt For Greyhound One, is currently in submission.  Please stay tuned for info on its imminent release!


In other news, we have indeed hit and surpassed 1 million installs!  Thank you for your support and for telling your friends.


And attention Google Play players - the Google Summer Sale Promotion for Doctor Who: Legacy begins tonight.  All purchases of 6 or more time crystals are (for the first time ever) 30% off!  That means unlocking the Fan Area is 30% off (never a better time!!).  Additionally, Google Play players get to use this code to unlock an exclusive, rare 3rd Doctor costume: 3264-5754-4953-8629 !  Not on Google Play?  Fear not, we have more great stuff in store for ALL Doctor Who: Legacy players throughout the month as we lead up to Season 8 of the Doctor Who series.   And if you'd like to find out about our plans for Season 8, please join us on Thursday for our weekly live Twitch broadcast.  This week, Peter Hickman, BBC Worldwide's Producer for Doctor Who: Legacy, will be joining us!



July 31, 2014

Doctor Who: Legacy is about to hit 1 million installs and to celebrate, we've released a promo code today

for 2 time crystals!  The code is good until 8/10th and works on all supported platforms!    





July 30, 2014

A patch went live this morning which gives 150% experience and increases fragment drop

rate in the Fan Area for the next 7 days.


We also are pleased and thrilled, quite honestly, to announce that the Fourth Doctor, Tom

Baker, has signed on to join Doctor Who: Legacy.  For those of you keeping count, that's a 

complete set up through to the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith.  Watch for art and ability reveal

very soon!


If you haven't checked out the latest update from our Creative Director, head on over, load of info

about Greyhound One!


Don't forget to join us tomorrow for Twitch at 12 noon pacific / 8 pm UK time.


July 27, 2014

Please note that we will be conducting server maintenance for 6 hours starting at 7:30 pm

pacific time.  The only impact for players will be no promo code claims or daily bonus

claims during the down time.


And here is a special code: 4962-3438-9686-5858 which will unlock Gabby from Titan Comics

and a new outfit for her!  Code expires next weekend and is unlimited so let your friends know!


July 23, 2014

Patch tonight ends bonus experience in Season 6.  For the next week, there will be bonus

experience of 150% in all Season 5 levels as well as increased fragment drops in Season 5!


Also, check out the Tiny Rebel Games "Team of the Week" pack in the store.


And be sure to sign up for our newsletter for an exclusive code for a costume for

Gabby (Titan Comics Doctor Who comic series character) tomorrow andjoin us at 12 noon pacific tomorrow for where we will be giving ANOTHER exclusive Gabby costume code away!  Read all 

about our partnership with Titan Comics here.



July 19, 2014

Doctor Who: Legacy received some honors via yesterday:



A hearty thank you to all of our fans who took the time to vote, and moreso, to all of the 

incredibly active and engaged people in our player community who constantly help us to

make this an even better Doctor Who game experience.  Allons-y!!!


Also, yesterday Titan Comics announced our partnership to incorporate allies and more from their

new comic series into Doctor Who: Legacy!  Look for more about this during Comicon and if you are 

lucky enough to be attending Comicon, drop by to see them at their booth and their panel for promo codes!



July 16, 2014

A patch has gone live which includes a bonus time crystal sale for all purchases of 6 or more 

time crystals.  Rose Tyler and the 5th Doctor are both in store now (both will drop in the Hunt

For Greyhound One expansion), as is a Season 5 Mega Pack. 


Season 6 experience is set at 150% for the next week and Season 6 fragment drop rate is 

increased for the week as well!


If you havent checked out our Facebook version yet, head on over to !


July 11, 2014

There's still time to claim the code for the 5th Doctor!  6782-5859-2899-9938


July, 10, 2014

The facebook version of Doctor Who: Legacy is live!   Find more info here about the Facebook




July 9, 2014

The Facebook release version has gone gold!  We anticipate having it out there for you to play

in the next 24 hours!  We hope you all enjoy.


Tonight (Thursday) we will be releasing a new Fan Area only level, Strax Has a Bad Dream with

a guaranteed Fan Area Strax drop.  Also, two new challenge levels are launching.



July 7, 2014

We're celebrating the birthday of the late, great Jon Pertwee today with a promo code for 

his amazing purple jacket costume (and the code also unlocks the 3rd Doctor if you didnt

already have him!) - code is 3788-3873-2342-8895.



June 30, 2014

Happy Monday Whovians!  The patch is live!   Please be sure that you are on the current 

version of the game - 2.2 - from the store and then be sure you are online to patch!


The new patch includes the dual color system --- all Doctors and allies in Legacy will have the

ability to rank up to Rank 5 and at Rank 5, they get a secondary color!  Who will you upgrade 



A second patch will be going live today that adds the new Challenge Mode to the game.  It will have the first two 

Challenge levels which introduce you to the new area where you will find levels that require a specific Doctor and frequently specific Allies!  We're planning to add more challenges here weekly, so keep an eye out!