February 26, 2015

We have a big sale going on in the store right now --- get free bonus time crystals with any purchase of at least a Handful (6) of time crystals!  It's a great time to unlock the Fan Area with your purchase with a 150% bonus experience all this week in the Fan Area!


Also, version 2.6.1 of Doctor Who: Legacy has now been approved for release on all stores--look for it to be released by Monday!  Read all about 2.6.1 (with the new "One Turn Buff" system) and more in our weekly newsletter which you can sign up for on our home page.


February 23, 2015

Don't miss out on a few more days of bonus experience in Chapter 3!  The bonus moves back to the Fan Area on Wednesday night (pacific)!


Doctor Who: Legacy will be special Gaming Guests at Anglicon in Seattle this June!   Want to come meet the Tiny Rebels?  Sign up to register before the price increase on March 1st AND if you enter the code "LegacyWho", you'll get a 10% discount!  This week on Twitch, we'll be joined by Anglicon to hear all about their plans for the event!


February 17, 2015

The patch is now live with 4 new Expert levels and 150% experience in Chapter 3!  As a reminder, Expert levels are tuned to level 50 teams and these 4 will reward you with Santa, Osgood, Rose Tyler, and Kate Stewart!  Good luck!


February 16, 2015

Patch night is two days early this week -- get ready for 4 new expert levels, which will reward you with Expert Rose Tyler, Expert Santa Claus, Expert Osgood, and Expert Santa Claus!  Also, 150% experience will rotate to Chapter 3!  


Thank you to everyone who came by to hang out with us at Gallifrey One!  We loved meeting all of you and had so much fun hosting the Doctor Who: Legacy panel (90 minutes flew by!).



February 11, 2015

It's patch night tonight, 11 pm pacific, which means today is your last day to take advantage of the bonus experience in Chapter 1 / Season 7 and also your last chance on the super cheap 2 time crystal random rolls (#opentheTARDISdoor)!


Tonight's patch will switch the 150% bonus experience to Chapter 2 (Season 6) levels to 150% for the next week!  


Also, tonight, we have some exciting additions to the Fan Area including:



February 5, 2015

Greetings Whovians - a new patch is live that includes a full week 150% experience bonus in Chapter 1 (Season 7) of the game!


Also, the random roll feature in the store is on sale - only 2 time crystals to roll for a new character or ally (and you'll never get a double!)


January 29, 2015

A warm welcome to all the new players joining us this week via the Amazon Appstore, where we are featured currently as part of Free App of the Day with an amazing promotion that gives new players there a set of modern Doctors and Rose Tyler, Clara, and Amy Pond when they install!  Have a friend with an Appstore compatible device (Kindle, Android, Blackberry) who hasnt discovered the game yet?


Also, last night we went live with 3 new Challenge levels!



You can find them in the specials tab and the reward on completion is a time crystal for each.


January 21, 2015

2015 Fan Area Appreciation Week #1 is now live on all platforms!


- 150% bonus experience in Fan Area levels

- 150% drop rate for colored time fragments in Fan Area levels

- Bonus time crystal sale in the store!

- 3 new levels in Fan Area from Titan Comics!

- 3 new Doctor costumes in Fan Area!

- ARC as an ally reward in Fan Area!



January 20, 2015

2015 Fan Area Appreciation Week #1 begins tomorrow night (pacific).  Find out all about it including the exclusive levels and rewards on the Fan Area page.


January 15, 2015

Weekly patches resumed last night with the launch of 3 new Expert mode levels:



We also launched a new level in the Fan Area which is called "Target Practice".  This is a sandbox level requested by people in our Subreddit community.   This is a place for you to try out different level combinations against an enemy.  The level cannot be won or lost, it is purely for practice.


Don't miss us today for our live weekly broadcast stream at www.twitch.tv/theadiposetv with Adi and the Tiny Rebel Games team.  Get tips, ask questions, hear about the future of the game and get your first chance at the lovely new Fourth Doctor costume (including the Fourth Doctor unlock).  Everyone else will have access to a code tonight, which you'll be able to find here when it goes live. (UPDATED: Code is now live here).



January 5, 2015

The in-app store now offers you the chance to exchange your time crystals for rewards from Season 8 as well as rewards from the Advent Calendar from December.  Both Season 8 and the Advent Calendar can still be found in ths specials tab if you wish to collect them as drops (they are rare drops now) or you can visit the store.  You'll find characters like Osgood, Perkins, Astrid, Danny Pink, Rusty the Dalek, the Teller, Santa Claus, and more, along with costumes too!  Time crystals can be purchased in the store and of course your first purchase of 6 or more time crystals unlocks the incredible Fan Area!  The Fan Area is of course full of awesome 100% drop rewards to thank you for supporting the ongoing costs of developing and supporting this great game!



January 5, 2015

Greetings!  We have added a very special new level entitled "Anna's Playground" which can be found in the Fan Area.   We were recently contacted by a fan of the game who wrote to us about his young child. She’s a huge fan of Doctor Who and, because of some difficulties she has, one of the places they both find time to relax together is while he plays Legacy and she watches. 

While she loves to watch him play and guess who the enemies and allies are, there aren't any levels in the game balanced for this young age, so she can’t actively play the game in the way she wants to. We were touched by the email and Lee was intrigued and inspired enough to take this on as a fun design challenge.

So today we launched our first new level of the New Year, "Anna's Playground".  The enemies do a maximum of 1 damage, all enemy abilities are non-damaging, and practically any team of level 1 characters will be able to get through the waves without any difficulty whatsoever. To make the game play easier we've removed pink gems (since they’re unnecessary in this level), and after testing we also removed black gems since having less colors on the screen makes matching colors significantly easier (and increases the rate of combos, which are a great feedback mechanism for kids).  No experience will be earned in the level, no fragments either - this isnt a farming level.


Also, tonight we will be removing the '100% drop' feature in the advent tab.  We are, by popular demand, leaving the levels in.  But the drop rate will be rare as with other story levels.  We will also be adding the Christmas rewards to the store if you wish to swap time crystals for these awesome characters and costumes.


January 1, 2015


Happy new year from Doctor Who: Legacy!  Did you miss our weekly newsletter?  Check it out online and be sure to claim your special New Year code before it expires on the 7th!


December 26, 2014


Greetings Whovians!  Doctor Who: Legacy has launched "Last Christmas", which can be found in the same menu as the Advent Calendar levels.  The reward on completion is Santa Claus!  And for those of you who have unlocked the Fan Area, there is a special "Fan Area Last Christmas" to be found in the Fan Area, which rewards you with an exclusive new costume for the 12th Doctor from the episode!  If you play on an Apple device and haven't yet unlocked the Fan Area, this is a brilliant time to do it -- we are having an Apple exclusive sale that ends January 2nd!  Check out the purchases in store which are 20% off of their normal price!


Please note that on January the 5th, the Advent Calendar levels will remain but drops will become rare as in story levels!


December 23, 2014


Apologies for the server issue which occurred late night on the 21st/early morning on the 22nd.  The issue was quickly fixed but can take time to propagate to all Internet connections.  Appreciate your patience -- if you are one of the few still having issues, you might try an alternative connection if that is a possibility.  If you are playing on Facebook, you can also try clearing the cache.  Mobile users should *not* un/reinstall and deleting the patch/OBB will *not* be useful either in this case.  Please contact us at support@tinyrebelgames.com should you have any questions.  A reminder that un/reinstalling because of a technical issues before communicating with us is never a good idea.  Time crystals/fragments do not save to the cloud as this is an offline game.  And it is rarely ever necessary to do this to fix your game! :)


Please note that our customer support times over the holidays will be a little slower than normal.  We are a small team who insists on answering each and every question without outsourcing.  However, we do all want to spend time with our families and while we will be handling support through Christmas, your patience is much appreciated.


Day 23 of the advent calendar is now live --- it's from the 50th anniversary episode last year, the "Rose Tyler" costume for The Moment.  The Moment was given away in a variety of ways including the DVD box set of the 50th, the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.  The Moment is also available in the in app store for a reduced price of 4 time crystals for a limited time.  Both The Moment and the costume will be seen as normal drops in the game in the future.


Tomorrow is the final day of the advent calendar promotion.  On December 26th, we plan to go live with our "Last Christmas" leve.


December 17, 2014


Today's reward is two-fold:  those who complete Day 17's level will receive one time crystal and will also find that they can change costumes between any Silent allies they have previously obtained!


Tonight is our live Twitch broadcast at a special day and time --- Wednesday at 8 pm UK (12 noon pacific / 3 pm eastern).  And joining us will be Nicholas Briggs (the executive producer of the Big Finish Doctor Who audio recordings as well as the voice of the Daleks and the Cybermen!).  We do hope you'll join us for this very special event.  Have questions for him?  Let us know with #AskNickBriggs on Twitter.  If you attend, you'll have the chance to get Charlotte Pollard the night before her advent level is added on the 18th!


December 16, 2014


Happy Day 16 of the Advent Calendar!  Today's reward is Rusty the Dalek (unique from Fan Rusty).  Enjoy!


Also, we decided (popular demand) to *not* remove the Season 8 level tab as we had originally planned. Players are really enjoying the levels so we dont want to disappoint you.  So they will remain though drop rates have been reduced to be in line with drop rates for story levels.  This means those who played along with us during the season are duly rewarded and those who are newer to the game still have the opportunity to earn them!  We also plan to add the rewards to the store for those who prefer to trade in their time crystals (expect that within the next few days).


Tomorrow, the 17th, our live Twitch broadcast will be at a special day and time --- Wednesday at 8 pm UK (12 noon pacific / 3 pm eastern).  And joining us will be Nicholas Briggs (the executive producer of the Big Finish Doctor Who audio recordings as well as the voice of the Daleks and the Cybermen!).  We do hope you'll join us for this very special event.  Have questions for him?  Let us know with #AskNickBriggs on Twitter.  If you attend, you'll have the chance to get Charlotte Pollard the night before her advent level is added on the 18th!



December 10, 2014


Our apologies - our service provider (1and1.com) was hit with a Denial of Service Attack on 12/9th which has caused the downtime some are experiencing on facebook, as well as the inability to patch/obtain daily login bonuses/claim promo codes that others are experiencing.

We have changed providers and many have resumed normal service but the fix takes time to propagate and this is entirely beyond our control. We assure you we are just as disappointed in the situation as you are and hope that by the end of the day today, everything will be back to normal.

Meanwhile, mobile players can play the game though for optimal performance we recommend toggling your wifi off if you are experiencing too much lag within the menus (which will, at times, be attempting to contact our servers).


December 9, 2014


Sorry we got a little behind there on the news feed!  Day 7, 8 and 9 are all live in the Advent tab and include the first teaser for "Bigger on the Inside"!  Check out all the 8-bit pixel awesomeness!  And starting tomorrow, don't miss some Titan Comics tie-in excitement!


Also, check out the beautiful new "The 12th" gem set designed by Ian Bell, a fan of the game whose design was chosen out of loads of wonderful fan submissions!

December 6, 2014

Day 6 of the Advent Calendar is live!  The Advent Calendar levels can be located in the Specials tab.  This level is tuned to a team of level 20 allies and is entitled "Six Minutes Timed".  The reward is two costumes -- the Portrait costumes for the Tenth Doctor and the Eleventh Doctor.  To receive both costumes, you'll need to play through the level twice!

December 5, 2014

Day 5 of the Advent Calendar is live!  The Advent Calendar levels can be located in the Specials tab.  This level is tuned to a team of level 20 allies and is entitled "Five Snowmen Melting".  The reward is an assortment of colored time fragments!  

December 4, 2014

UPDATE:  Are you new to the game?  Check out the new "Beginner's Guide" video from TheAdiposeTV (the charismatic host of our Twitch stream).  Also, we're proud to report that Google has included us in their "Top 100 Games of 2014" promotion!  Huzzah! :)


Day 4 of the Advent Calendar is live!  The Advent Calendar levels can be located in the Specials tab.  This level is tuned to a team of level 20 allies and is entitled "Four Femmes Fatales".  The reward is 2 time crystals!  Don't forget to join us today for our live stream at www.twitch.tv/theadiposetv at 12 noon pacific / 8 pm UK!

December 3, 2014

Day 3 of the Advent Calendar is live!  The Advent Calendar levels can be located in the Specials tab.  This level is tuned to a team of level 20 allies and is entitled "Three Ogrons Blasting".  The reward is a new costume for Bessie (note that you will note see this as an available drop if you have not obtained Bessie yet)!

December 2, 2014

Day 2 of the Advent Calendar is live!  The Advent Calendar levels can be located in the Specials tab.  This level is tuned to a team of level 20 allies and is entitled "Too Many Winders Winding".  The reward is the super rare 3rd Doctor costume which has never been a drop in the game (note that you will note see this as an available drop if you have not obtained the 3rd Doctor yet)!


December 1, 2014

Day 1 of the Advent Calendar is live!  The Advent Calendar levels can be located in the Specials tab.  This level is tuned to a team of level 20 allies and is entitled "One Angel Materialising".  The reward is Osgood!

November 30, 2014

In 90 minutes, we begin the SECOND annual Advent Calendar promotion.  To those of you who have been with us on this journey since the beginning, you know what a fun month to expect!  And thank you for your support, enthusiasm and love over the last year which made it all possible.  To those of you who are newer, welcome and let the countdown to Christmas begin!


November 26, 2014

A new patch is live which includes the new Prologue to Chapter 4 of the game.  This is accessible upon completion of Season 5 and the Hunt for Greyhound One Epilogue.  We also went live with the new level "A Mad Man with a Box (Happy Birthday to Doctor Who: Legacy) in which the Zygons are impersonating ever incarnation of the Doctor.  Your amazing reward is in fact "A Mad Man with a Box" for your Doctor slot!  This very challenging level can be found in the Expert mode area.


Google Play customers will find a sale going for the next week for 30% off in app purchases of 6 time crystals or more!


And for those players who are color blind, we have added (by popular demand) a new gem skin to hopefully make the game a better experience for you!


On behalf of Seed Studio and Tiny Rebel Games, thank you for a year of amazing fun -- and here is to many more!!!


November 25, 2014

2.5.1 is now live on iOS and Android.  It will go live shortly on Amazon.  Facebook unfortunately has been experiencing technical difficulties on their side with ther Pars technology (which handles cloud saving).  This is entirely beyond our control and we are urging them to fix again (it has caused 3 periods of outage in the last week).  Our apologies for the inconvenience!


2.5.1 addresses load time, performance (especially on older devices) and memory leaks.  It also adds the Fourth Doctor to the background image on the start screen!


Tomorrow night, Wednesday the 26th, we will be releasing the Prologue to Chapter 4 which adds the Fourth Doctor and the Twelfth Doctor to the core storyline of the game.  So please be sure to update!


Thursday, the 27th, in addition to being Thanksgiving in the States, is the one year anniversary of the game!  Join us for a very special live Twitch (www.twitch.tv/theadiposetv) with special guests Peter Hickman (BBC Worldwide producer), Jack Yee (Producer for DWL at Seed).  Several of our community including Sharee (our Facebook community mod), Penultimate (our Tumblr mod), and "SmallBlueMonkey" will also be skyping in to ask questions and chat!  12 pm pacific, 8 pm UK.


November 20, 2014

Next week is the one year anniversary of the launch of Doctor Who: Legacy!  If you haven't done so, head on over to the 1st Birthday Letter from the Doctor Who: Legacy team to read all about our plans for the coming few months including the 2nd annual Advent Calendar promotion which kicks off January 1st as well as updates on "Bigger on the Inside" and our inclusion of extended universe Doctor Who content from Titan Comics, Big Finish, and the Engines of War novel by George Mann.


Two patches are imminent for the game.  


The first is coming slightly later than initially planned, on the night of Monday the 24th (pacific time).  This patch will include the first half of the new prologue story which adds the 12th Doctor and the 4th Doctor into the core storyline of the game.  We will also be adding a new gem skin specifically for those who are color blind, by popular request (let us know what you think of the solution please if this affects you).


The second patch is coming on the night of Thursday the 27th (pacific time) which is both the anniversary of the game and Thanksgiving day in the USA.  This patch will include the second half of the new prologue.  It will also include a new Expert mode level entitled "A Mad Man with a Box".  In it, you will content with the Zygons as they impersonate each and every incarnation of the Doctor!  Your reward will be the Expert version of the TARDIS!  This is only for the most experienced players and will require obtaining the Expert First Doctor and Expert Brigadier before attempting.


We have more planned to celebrate our one year anniversary, so stay tuned and as always, thank you for your support of Doctor Who: Legacy!

November 16, 2014

A patch went live tonight with some exciting new content including:


- "Ms. Delphox" in the Fan Area exclusively.  This level will reward you with the Fan Teller (Fan Teller is blue. His ability is called "Survival Instinct" and it increases the health of your team -- at max, rank 5, it increases your health by 40% for one turn (great for absorbing bit hits in expert mode levels for example).


- New "UNIT" challenge level in the challenge area (1 time crystal reward)


- 150% bonus experience all week in the Fan Area.


- Bonus time crystal promotion: 15 for the price of 13 (bag of time crystals).


- "Brigadier pack" now available in the store (includes Brigadier and his two costumes).



November 10, 2014

ATTN: Scheduled server maintenance will start in at 10 pm pacific time / 6 am UK time.  During that time you cannot access the Facebook version, claim promo codes, update from the patch server or claim daily login bonuses.Anticipated downtime is 4 hours.



November 9, 2014

Happy Sunday night, the patch is now live!  And with it, the much anticipated episodes based on Dark Water and Death in Heaven!  Dark Water (easy/medium/hard) and two levels based on Death in Heaven (easy/medium/hard) are all in the specials tab.  Rewards are Kate Stewart as a new ally, a new costume for Danny Pink and a new costume for the Brigadier!  Also, a new and challenging expert level, "Confusion", can now be found in the Expert mode tab.  Please note that this is currently one of the hardest levels in the game, requiring 4 specific expert mode characters just to be allowed to play it.  This is only for the most experienced of players with an appropriate team.  You've been warned :)


You'll also find a new Cyberman gem skin in the Options menu.


November 7, 2014

Greetings Whovians!


Such an exciting weekend! ‪Long Island Doctor Who‬ is on and if you're there, you'll have loads of opportunities for DW: Legacy codes and try to get one of those rare tiny rebel games ribbons -- post a pick if you get one! Only about 500 are up for grabs.


And I know we are waiting (im)patiently for Death in Heaven over here in Tiny Rebel land.


So -- Osgood Osgood....Osgood has been unavoidably delayed. We'll give you an update on her when we have one, rest assured. But meanwhile, we can't hold up the content any longer. Sooooo. This weekend we will release all of the following:


- Dark Water (Easy/Medium/Hard) - reward will be Kate Stewart! She will be green, just like her father. And her ability is called "Her Father's Daughter" and will overpower green (her father changes color to green).

- Death in Heaven, part 1 (Easy/Medium/Hard) - reward will be a costume. No spoilers here, sorry. But we think you will be VERY happy.

- Death in Heaven, part 2 (Easy/Medium/Hard) - reward will also be a costume. Once again, can't spoil. But again, you guys will be VERY happy indeed.

- New expert mode level, "Confusion" with Expert War Doctor as the reward and his ability at rank 5 will overpower 2 colors! (new Doctor ability


All of this goodness will be coming Sunday night.


Again, apologies on Osgood. If we could release we would, but we cannot alas. But hopefully that will change soon.


Another piece of good news --- the lovely Keeley Hawes has signed on and that means a new level is coming based on Time Heist featuring Ms. Delphox. Expect that treat in the FAN AREA next weekend with Fan Teller.


And finally, if you didnt see the note earlier and missed Twitch. Here's the hour long recap full of 'what's coming soon' goodness. If you only have a few mins, start half way through where we get to art reveals for Titan, Bigger on the Inside, etc.


Novemeber 2, 2014, p.m.


The patch is now live and contains the two new Fan Area levels and five new challenge mode levels.  Please if you are arachnophobic be aware that "Kill the Halloween" in the challenge area will feature a very large spider.  You've been warned :)


Also, the code is live to unlock Rory the Centurion!  Head here to check it out and to contribute, if you so choose, to Costume 2 (Tom Baker's!)!


November 2, 2014, a.m.

Greetings everyone!Those of you who watched Dark Water on BBC America last night might have caught the on-air promotion of Doctor Who: Legacy complete with a special promo code: 1212-1212-1212-1212 to unlock the 12th Doctor, Danny Pink, Courtney Woods, Vastra's cat suit, and a time crystal. If you missed it or aren't in the US, you can enter it too and feel free to share. Code is good til the end of the year.GOOD news is tonight we have a patch which adds TWO fan area levels, one which rewards you with Fan Rusty (Rusty the Dalek) and one which is Halloween themed and classic and rewards you with the Web of Fear costume for the TARDIS. We also have 5 new challenge levels going live which are tuned to a variety of levels and require various team members to complete. Also, when the patch goes live tonight, we will release a promo code to unlock Rory's new costume! And we'll also launch our second costume fund costume which I'll start another thread about!BAD news is the Dark Water level has been unavoidably held up. We still expect it to go live early this week but an issue beyond our control has meant not including tonight. Nothing to worry about, it will go live -- just a short delay  The cybermen skinned gem theme will also go live when Dark Water goes live.The gem theme contest has ended and we expect to pick a winner soon!




We've also added the TARDIS to the store for purchase and the Van Gogh historical costume too.


The sale on the Box of Time Crystals and Random Rolls is still ongoing but ends Sunday night.  We are also expecting to go live at the end of the weekend with a new Fan Area level with Rusty the Dalek as your reward!