Countdown to 2.0 Promo Codes


Code 1 :  M824-2LNH-H2E8-XTK2

Code 2 :  UPH5-48RS-9JPQ-S85H

Code 3:   7877-9378-4426-R35E

Code 4:   L27K-9362-4X54-ZT9N






16th, April, 2014

Tomorrow's the day that so many have been waiting for!  The launch of Version 2.0 of Doctor Who: Legacy!  Please be sure to update your game when it goes live and then patch as well.  And please be sure to help us spread the word, review us on the stores, and tell us what you think of the expansion.


11th, April, 2014

Today we reveal a guide to our new Perks System which launches with the Version 2.0 update next week!


10th, April, 2014


Code 2 (8th April, 2014): UPH5-48RS-9JPQ-S85H - enter in Options->Promo tab for one free time crystal.


Big news today is Version 2 has gone into submission with the App Store!  More news to come.


8th, April, 2014

The countdown to V2 of Doctor Who: Legacy begins!


Eveyr 48 hours starting right now, we will be releasing a promo code for one free time crystals, up until the release of the update next week!


These codes will be good through April 20th:


Code 1 (8th April, 2014):  M824-2LNH-H2E8-XTK2



6th April, 2014

Check out the new section of our website with spoilers on the upcoming Season 5 rollout!


Evening, 26th March, 2014

Just when you thought things couldn't get more exciting this week --- we have some VERY special stuff in store that went live tonight!  Get ready for your chance to unlock EVERY Doctor currently in the game instantly (without having to play through to where they unlock, great for new players) and all 3 Doctors that we have announced are coming for S5. That is, in addition to the 9th...War Doctor and 1st Doctor...about to be available to you TONIGHT.


This is the only way to get them prior to the launch of Season 5, for the most die hard, gotta have it now fans. Please note that all 3 Doctors will be dropping in Season 5 as 100% drops when you progress to their levels. This is early access.


Also in store tonight:


Promotional limited time sale gives you bonus crystals with most purchases:


6 crystal purchase gets you 7 crystals

13 crystal purchase gets you 15 crystals

27 crystal purchase gets you 31 crystals

70 crystal purchase gets you 80 crystals


And many packs and individual characters are on limited time sale including the new Fan Favorite Pack (designed by TheAdiposeTV), a complete season 6 pack, a new costume pack and more!


26th March, 2014

Today is the 9th anniversary of the first appearance of the 9th Doctor, Chris Eccelston, in Doctor Who and the modern relaunch of the series.  To celebrate this, our friends at the official Doctor Who Facebook page are giving YOU access to the 9th NOW, before his official launch with the Season 5 update.  Interested? Head over now and get the code!  Be sure to Like their page and like ours too while you're at it.  Code expires Saturday so don't delay.


21st March, 2014

The 9th Doctor is coming!  Visit the official Doctor Who Facebook page to chime in on what we should name his abilities!


20th March, 2014

This week is Fan Area Appreciation Week and to celebrate, we're giving you 150% experience on all Fan Area levels starting tonight and through to the end of the weekend.  Also, the Fan Area now has a new level which is a sneak peak at Season 5:  Time of Angels (with 2 time crystals as a reward for completion).  


We also have a code for all players to enter for 2 time crystals:  HA29-2CEA-8U62-659Q.  The code expires at the end of the weekend.


14th March, 2014

In celebration of 'Costume Week', the following code will give all players a costume for the 11th Doctor (bearded outfit) and also 1 time crystal:  K6JB-E8BJ-W965-82CN.  Don't delay, code expires as the end of the weekend!


Also, if you head into the store you'll find some new types of packs -- one is a Fan Favorite Team Pack which was designed by a Facebook fan.  This is the first in a series.  Also, the first in a series of Costume Packs.  Please note that if you don't have the ally for any of the costumes in the pack, you'll still receive it but won't see that costumes until you unlock the relevant ally.


Next week is 'Fan Area Appreciation Week' with lots of cool stuff for fans including bonus experience weekend from Thur 20th, a sneak peak at Time of Angels from Season 5 and more.  If you haven't unlocked the Fan Area, you can do that with any purchase of 6 time crystals or more.



7th March, 2014

Have you tried your luck at the 'Random Roll' feature in store?  Random Rolls are guaranteed to give you either a character or costume from the season you choose that you do not have.  And to make it easier for you to check it out this weekend, we've cut the prices by one time time crystal.   Also in the store today we're introducing the ability to purchase time fragments!



5th March, 2014

Apple users did you know that achievements are now in game for you and you also have the option to listen to your own music now?


Don't miss the weekly broadcast tomorrow, now at its new time, 12 noon - 2 pm pacific standard time.


4th March, 2014


Amazon Kindle support for Doctor Who: Legacy has gone live!  Warm welcome, Kindle players, to the community!  We encourage you to check out the guides we have included on this site.  We also urge you to join our mailing list (see the sign up on front page).  Not to mention joining in on the ongoing conversations on Facebook and Twitter and the weekly live broadcast with the Tiny Rebel team and Adipose.


In the next two hours, the Season 6 Epilogue will go live.  This will include new levels, as well as the 100% Captain Jack Harkness drop.  In this patch, we will also heavily evolve the underlying story of the game, resolving the Sontaran conflict but introducing a far more sinister and infamous enemy.


If you have already played through the existing levels, we encourage you to go back and check out the new story additions and of course, plough ahead into the Epilogue and find out where we're going next!



Story guide:   

NOTE - the names of some of the levels below could be considered spoilers. You have been warned.


Here is a guide to the levels which have new story additions, in case those of you who have progressed substantially in the game may want to go back and check out the story additions for themselves.


Unless noted, all story inserts are at the beginning of the levels. So you need not play the full level if for some reason you want to hurry


Season 7:

Sontaran Disturbance: England

Hearts of Steel

Sontaran Disturbance: Mars

Weeping Angel Paradox (note: after closing Paradox)

Sontaran Disturbance: The Snowmen


Season 6:

Zygon Ambush: Nefertiti and Riddell

The Girl Who Waited: Apalapucia

Zygon Ambush: Churchill and Malokeh

Zygon Ambush: The Paternoster Gang

Sontaran Reinforcements (note: New wave added at end of level + story)

Unholy Alliance: A New Ally

Unholy Alliance: On the Run

Unholy Alliance: Counter Attack

When Spoonheads Attack (note: New wave added at end of level + story)

Zygon Ambush: Captain Henry Avery

Sontaran Captain Vade the Defiant (note: story inserts throughout the fight)


And then continuing into the epilogue levels released today:


Escape / At another time, another place

The fall of Sontar

The Drums

Old friends, older enemies part 1

Old friends, older enemies part 2




27th, February, 2014


Starting today and all weekend long, it's 150% bonus experience in all Fan Area levels!  Next week's update includes the Epilogue following Season 6, getting us ready for Season 5.  Use this chance to level up a great team to take on the new levels and unlock Captain Jack Harkness and more!  


Also, check out the store for some new bundles of characters.


22nd, February, 2014


Have you read the game update from Lee Cummings?  Get some excellent insight into the future of Doctor Who: Legacy right here.


21st, February, 2014


Happy Friday -- Live right now in the Fan Area - The Beast Below Sneak Preview with a guaranteed drop of the 10th Doctor in his tuxedo! Enjoy! This is a small token of gratitude for the massive increase in Fan Area unlocks over the last week. Your support helps us make more great content for everyone.


Did you know that you can see your ally abilities from the Team menu now? In the lower half of the screen (not the selected Team window up top), long hold on any ally and you'll be able to see their ability and swap them in and out of teams.Just one of the refinements in and coming for Doctor Who: Legacy.


We're also planning in March to add unlocks for more teams, the return of themed gems (as we did over christmas with the christmas gems), the ability to sort your characters by color/level, more achievements (for Android and also for iOS and Amazon) and much more!If you love the game, please tell your friends, review us, and keep the great ideas coming.


20th, February, 2014


Store update includes K9 mk2, Advent Costumes, and more!


18th, February, 2014

We're pleased to remind you that next week the Amazon Kindle version of Doctor Who: Legacy will go live.  Apologies for all of the Kindle users who have been patiently waiting.


We also plan to release new levels next week which will pick up where we left off on the story, bringing the Sontaran conflict to a close and unveiling another far more menacing threat and a much loved ally!


We hope that many of you took advantage of the promotional sale this past weekend.  We know that we have loads of new players welcomed into the Fan Area.  To celebrate this, we'll be going live with a sneak peak in the Fan Area of The Beast Below from Season 5 with a guaranteed costume drop that you'll be undoubtedly excited about.


Later this week we will also be adding some new packs to the store that fans have been asking for, so keep an eye out towards the end of the week.





10th, February, 2014

Happy Monday Whovians!


JON PERTWEE, 3rd Doctor in our beloved series, is coming at the end of the week! He doesn't have a color yet or an ability, that's being mulled over by the team as we speak. Any ideas to contribute? We're listening. His art, which looks quite lovely, will be revealed on Wednesday.


On our weekly Twitch vidcast this Thursday, we'll be giving some lucky fans early access to the Doctor and while he will be 100% drop, he does drop very late in Season 6, so tune in if you'd like hassle free early access.


Also, Friday - Sunday, Tiny Rebel Games will be at Gallifrey One talking with our fellow Whovians about the game, giving away some codes, and enjoying the festivities. Drop by to say hi!


Expect more announcements later this week----!



6th, February, 2014

Coming tomorrow, Doctor Martha Jones!  Today we had another video cast where 250 lucky people received free access to Martha, a day early!  Tune in to every week, 1pm pacific/9 pm UK for more giveaways.



31st, January, 2014

Lots of news Whovians:


- Yesterday, the latest version for iOS went live and added iCloud support so that you can save your progress and migrate to other iOS devices.  Please note, as with the Android cloud saves, this does NOT save your time crystals or time fragments, only your progress/characters.


- Adipose is now available in the game!  You can find him in Season 6: Zygon Ambush Nefertiti and Riddell.  He's also available for a limited time for 5 time crystals in the in-game store and has been added to the random roll option in Season 6 (4 time crystals).


- Yesterday we did a live video cast with TheAdiposeTV.  We chatted and played Legacy live for 2 hours in the end and over 50,000 people poked their heads in for a chance at a promo code.  TheAdiposeTV twitch will be held weekly at the same time and place, 1pm pacific, 9 pm UK.


- Doctor Who official Tumblr has a contest going right now to win your very own code for a free Adipose.


26th, January, 2014

Please check the FAQ page for answers to common questions about cloud saving.  Please note, as discussed in FAQ, the cloud will NOT sync your time crystals and time fragments.  They are specific to the device.  Only progress and character unlocks are stored.


24th, January, 2014

Android update day--please be sure to update your game to add Google Services cloud saving support and more! 


Stormageddon is live today in the Fan Area level, Infestation!  


23rd, January, 2014

Greetings from Doctor Who: Legacy!  Stormaggedon goes live in the FAN AREA only tomorrow!  If you visit us today on Facebook, there is an opportunity to win one of 12 codes for Stormaggedon and also 5 codes for the Fan Area!